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Ice Rink Skating at Lotte Adventure World

Lotte World Adventure is Korea’s first indoor theme park with many versatile attractions. It is also the World’s largest in terms of adventures and joy filled activities. It is fully functional for 365 days a year to provide opportunities filled with adventures and tremendous joy.

The Lotte World Adventure has 2 main parts

The Indoor Theme Park

The indoor theme park consists mainly of the Ice Skating Rink, the Pororo Park, The Virtual Reality (VR) Game zone, Arcade games and Café, Kids playground and many restaurants. Also, the Lotte World Aquarium is a huge tourist attraction.

The Outdoor Adventure Park

The outdoor theme park has much more diversity to offer which consists of the Gimhae Lotte Water Park, Lotte World Undersea Kingdom and many different kinds of rides and other fun activities.

The outdoor park is a huge area. To fully explore it, it will take a day or two to enjoy each and every activity. Such is the diversity that Lotte Adventure World offers for people to have fun with their families and friends.

The official website of the Lotte Adventure World has all the essential information regarding it. This website is also beneficial for advanced bookings of rides and keeping in check the working times of the park.

My lab members and Professor thought of having an excursion trip to enjoy ice skating and have some fun after our semester ended.

About the Lotte Adventure World Ice Rink

The ice rink is on the B3F. The exit number 4 at the Jamsil Station leads to the Lotte World. The Jamsil station is connected to the whole of the Lotte World Tower and is accessible straight from there.

Way down to the ice rink.

The Lotte World Ice rink is the best Ice rink in Korea where one can enjoy the night of the theme park and the joy of parade festival in the outdoor atmosphere with natural light coming from the adventure glass dome ceiling during the day.

Just beautiful.

The skating rink is open all year round and has enough seating to accommodate up to 1000 people and many other facilities to enjoy. These facilities include a food court offering international cuisine and a game room. Visitors can also take lessons in figure skating and speed skating depending on their own discretion.

A child being guided by a trainer

There are a bunch of safety guidelines that you need to follow too while being inside the rink. Moreover, due to COVID-19 these days, you have to always wear a mask and that too properly. There are many security personnel available all around the area to take care of anyone in help.

Ticketing and Facilities

Once you enter the rink area, the first thing you have to do is get the ticket. If you are not a regular member, then after getting the ticket you can rent the skates from the other counter and change into them.

The ticketing counter

Admission Fee: Adults 11,000 won / Child 10,000 won
Skate Rental: Adult 5,000 won / Child 4,000 won

Skates rental counter where you can get the skates according to your shoe size.

There are many lockers also available for you to store your valuable stuff and the shoes you take off. After changing into the skates, you can walk inside the rink area where before entering your details are recorded.

The locker room.

Support handles are installed on the boundaries of the rink for keeping your balance. These handles are mostly beneficial for beginners.

I tried balancing without the support handles.

The good thing about this activity is that people of various age can enjoy it while it also helps in maintaining your physical health as it is a good cardio workout too! Haha ^^

Speed skating done by skaters.

It was really fun to have had the experience of ice skating because it was my first time. during the first 2 rounds it was quite weird but by the time I made 5 or 6 rounds of the rink I was getting more comfortable and enjoying more rather than worrying about falling.

You can see many people around the rink practicing various kinds figure skating techniques although, many young children are present in the middle of the rink learning various tricks and getting their lessons.

These children were so majestic.


All in all, it was a really amazing experience to have enjoyed at the Lotte Adventure World and I advise everyone to once try this experience for sure. There are many other things that I want to try there too which remain unexperienced until the next time. The Lotte Aquarium is the next on my wishlist. What about you?

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