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If you’re looking for a place to shop your korean fashion with reasonable prices, look no further! There’s this place called the Ehwa Shopping Street in Seoul. Ehwa is also a name of a very well known top private university called Ehwa Woman’s University. The shopping street is located just near it.

Idae station line 2. photo credit: LERK on wikipedia

How to get there?

You get off at Idae Station line 2, exit 1 or 2. As soon as you walk out the station, you will find cafes and retails stores, and you just keep walking until you eventually find an alley that leads you to the shopping street.The shopping street feels endless if it’s your first time, there are just so many stores and so many choices to choose from.

How cheap do the prices get? The range of prices for clothes, jeans, skirts can go as low as 6,000won to 10,000 won. Having 30,000won can at least get you 3 pieces of clothing there. The designs are pretty, the quality is amazing for such a prize. What a deal! I will be mentioning few of my favourite stores at Ehwa Shopping Street throughout this article.

1. For The People

For The People Store. screenshot video youtube by: HalloChika

I always go to the store in the picture above whenever I go shopping there. It’s huge and you can get everything in one place! From shoes, bags, blouses, belt accessories, outerwear, jeans, skirts and many more.


NANA / Credit screenshot video youtube by: HalloChika

The store above provides the same amazing service and clothing choices! Korea is also well known for their cheap cute designed socks. You can get tons of these for great deal prices at Ehwa Shopping Street.

3. Boypink

This is a two story shoe store that even goes down until the basement! You can relive all your shoe worries and get them there! The designs and comfort is everything. Besides this store too, there are so many other shoe stores that fill up the shopping street.

Generally, all the stores at the shopping street all have almost the same designs, you really can just go into any store you’d like and discover your favourite store of your own!

I would like to add one important tip when paying your product. They prefer cash payments. If you have an existing Korean bank account, you might find it simpler to pay with your cards. However, there are certain stores that charge an extra 1,000won when you pay with card instead of cash. So, be sure to be prepared with as much cash as your shopping needs.

If you’re a tourist there with no existing Korean bank account, just bring as much cash that you need for shopping and you’ll be set!

4. Halal Korean Chicken Store

Last but not least, good news to Muslim travellers. There is an unpopular lowkey chicken store that sells halal chicken meat. The store name is called ‘Yangpang Chicken’. It might be tough to spot for the first time, so again I recommend you to use the Naver Map, type in ‘Yangpang Chicken’ and you’ll be able to find it.

How do I know it’s halal? The store owner showed to us that the boneless chicken that he uses, is from an instant packaging halal source. Got this tip from my seniors. Keep in mind, that only their boneless chicken menu is halal. If you’re not sure you can ask the store owner, they’re a husband and wife couple and they’ve been accepting muslim customers for a while, so they are very familiar. There are times when the store would be filled with more foreigners than Korean, even the store owner finds it funny. They have a variety to choose from their boneless chicken. Seasoned chicken, soy sauce to a usual fried korean chicken.

Yangpang BONELESS chilli chicken

All that shopping and walking can be tiring and now you can recharge with the delicious halal korean chicken! We usually order rice together with the chicken so it would be more filling.

I hope this post was informative! Have fun at Ehwa’s Shopping Street. ♥

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