E WORLD 83 Tower – The Landmark Of Daegu

To be quite frank, our daily lives can often get overwhelming and the only thing that helps us keep sane is the “Oh so sweet alone time”. Pair that “sweet alone time” with an astounding view of the city from somewhere high up top. So, by any chance if you’re residing in Daegu or perhaps planning to visit it anytime soon, then you’re in luck as Daegu 83 Tower is just the place for you!

Oh and also, when I say “alone time” it doesn’t mean that 83 Tower isn’t the place to go with your date or perhaps your family. Actually! It’s quite the opposite. E WORLD 83 Tower is the kind of place you would want to take your date or your family to visit because the Tower is surrounded by a variety of shops including bars, cafes and restaurants, making it the best Go-To place for a quality outing .

Photo by: Majid Mushtaq (Instagram: @ranamajid007)

About The 83 Tower And How To Reach It?

The 83 tower is basically a radio tower inside the E WORLD. It is considered to be Daegu’s landmark which is based on an 83 story building.

Address: 200 Duryugongwon-ro, Duryu-dong, Dalseo-gu, Daegu, South Korea.

Photo by: Majid Mushtaq (Instagram: @ranamajid007)

In order for you to reach your destination, you will be required to take line 2 of the metro (the green one) and make an exit from exit 15. From there on you will have to walk your way to the E WORLD where you can ride the cable car (which is free by the way) to go to 83 Tower.


For an adult, a ticket can cost around 5800 KRW to 7300 KRW or more, considering the package you’d like to avail based on the various attractions offered at the E WORLD.

Photo by: Majid Mushtaq (Instagram: @ranamajid007)

The Famous E WORLD Starlight Firework Festival

The festival is particularly looked forward to by many locals and tourists and all for good reasons! The highlight of this festival is the display of 10 million light bulbs decorating the whole amusement park and if that’s not all, you get to witness the eye popping display of the fireworks. To be very honest, the display of fireworks is so astounding that it’d be a bummer to not witness it with your own eyes.

Things To Do And Look Out For At Daegu 83 Tower

When I say that E WORLD 83 Tower is full of surprises, I MEAN IT! So, here’s what you can expect to find at the 83 Tower:

1.Ice rink and Euroseum

The 83 tower has a winter wonderland inside waiting for you. You can go ice skating and if that’s not what you want then you can visit the Euroseum which is more like a trick eye museum.

Photo by: Majid Mushtaq (Instagram: @ranamajid007)

2. Foodpolitan

If by any chance you’re a foodie then you’re gonna love this! You can actually find the World Gourmet Food Museum known as Foodpolitan. You’ll find a variety of meals, be it Korean, Western, Chinese, Oriental or Fusion foods.

3. Sky Garden

While you’re in the 83 tower, you can relax and take a breather at the Sky Garden. Evening is the best time to be there. You can maybe have a cocktail or a cup of coffee and enjoy the spectacular view from the elegantly built Sky Garden.

Photo by: Majid Mushtaq (Instagram: @ranamajid007)

4. Observatory y Sky Jump

You will find the observatory at the 77th floor. There you can enjoy the 360° view of Daegu city and if you need a dose of an adrenaline rush then you can opt for the sky jump.

Admission for the observatory would cost approx. 10,000 KRW

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