Dunsan Nightlife: Foreigner Friendly Bars & Clubs in Daejeon

Nightlife in Daejeon is not as colorful and lively as in Seoul. However, there is one neighborhood teeming with life every weekend, Dunsan dong. People throughout the city regularly refer to Dunsan clubs and Dunsan bars. Many weekend adventures start with “Hey! Do you want to go to Dunsan?”. While smaller, a typical night out in Dunsan is comparable to many of its Seoul counterparts, such as Hongdae, Itaewon, and Gangnam.


Bars in Dunsan are endless – Korean bars and foreigner bars line the streets. However, Korean bars are dotted throughout the city. And so, in this article, I will go in-depth about the foreigner bars in Dunsan. The three most famous bars are; Thursday Party, FML, and Watering Ghost. All are good options but present slightly different atmospheres.

Watering Ghost

Watering Ghost is a small cozy bar with a chill American ambiance. The music played here is usually old English songs. I wouldn’t really describe it as trendy.

Drinks are served in very unique beer mugs. Price is relatively cheap for the amount of drink you get. Drinks here are diverse, with all the traditional cocktails, and shot options starting at 7,800 won.

Additionally, live music is regularly played at the bar. They have a small stage in the corner for bands to play at. A guitar is hung on the wall, along with various other musical instruments. The owner is a nice, extroverted man, so even if you come alone, you can chat with him and he will introduce you to others. The majority of people in the bar are English teachers. The vibe is very western. It is a place to come and chat while making friends rather than clubbing.


FML is a bar that is known for its signature drink. It is far stronger than anything else you can find in Daejeon – if you want to get drunk fast, it is the place to go. The bartenders are nice and talkative, but super busy. They also sell food on occasion. The drinks are a little bit expensive but fair for the amount of alcohol you are getting.

At this bar, you can also find that most of the attendees are English teachers. They don’t play the music too loud, so it is a great place to go and meet new friends. Plus, they are also quite festive when it comes to celebrating Western holidays. Their annual Thanksgiving and St. Patrik’s Day celebrations are well known among the city’s foreign community.

 Thursday Party

Every major clubbing district in Korea has its very own Thursday Party location. Like the other locations, Dunsan’s Thursday Party is where many international students and Koreans interested in making foreign friends go to meet. It has a much more club-like atmosphere than the two bars mentioned above.

They offer a wide variety of imported alcoholic beverages and have good chicken wings to pair. It is the go-to place for a western-style night out in Daejeon.


While many clubs in the area don’t allow foreigners to enter, there are a few that are actively foreigner-friendly. Ibiza, Seven Heaven, Another Club, and Pielounge all encourage foreigners to visit.

Another Club

Another club is quite famous among foreigners in Daejeon recently. The drinks are good. However, I recommend drinking before you come inside the club as the drinks can be quite messy there.


Pielounge is a good bar/club where you can dance and drink. However, the location is not ideal because it is a little bit far from the center of Dunsan’s nightlife. Despite the location, if you are a fan of Korean hip-hop, this club might just top your list. They regularly have live performances featuring up-and-coming acts on the weekends.

Sevens Heaven

Sevens Heaven has two 2 floors, one floor for pop, and another floor for hip-hop music. It is ideal for groups of friends with diverse music tastes. It is undoubtedly the club most similar to those found all over Seoul.


Ibiza is the most glamorous club in Daejeon that accepts foreigners. However, it is super crowded and there are not so many foreigners there. If you want a night of clubbing, but with a touch of class, Ibiza is your best bet. The price for all the clubs is 10k for men and free for women.

Some things to keep in mind

Always drink responsibly and take proper precautions while out at bars or clubs. And, of course, be sure to follow current mask and social distancing mandates.

There are many clubs and bars in the Dunsan area. However, there are many places that are not welcoming to foreigners. All of the places mentioned in this article are foreigner approved. If you find other foreigner-inclusive clubs or bars in Dunsan, feel free to let others know by leaving them in the comments below!

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