Dukki (두끼) Tteokbokki heaven

Tteokbokki (stir-fried rice cakes) is a Korean popular snack, or for me a Korean popular DISH since I have it as a main meal a lot of times (this is how tasty it is).Tteokbokki is made from a small-sized garae-tteok which is a cylindrical shape made with non-glutinous rice flour. It has a kind of plain taste alone but usually, the chewy texture is what enriches the experience. The tteok can be cooked with different sauces that gives it the rich taste but the main popular one is the red hot spicy yet sweet flavored sauce made with Gouchujang (고추장, Korean red chili pepper paste) and gochugaru (고추가루, Korean red chili pepper flakes) anchovy stock, dried kelp and a splash of sesame oil.


Eomuk- fish cake, boiled eggs, and scallions are some common ingredients that are paired with tteokbokki in the dish usually.  you can find Ttokbokki at snack bars and street stalls mainly and in some restaurants that are specialized in making the dish. Like Dukki restaurant which I’m going to be introducing today.

Dukki is a tteokbokki buffet chain that you can find anywhere in Korea. The idea of this place is cooking your own tteokbokki on the table. So you have all the ingredients in the bar. You make your own sauce, you include whatever you like and cook it on the table.

So what’s nice about it first is that you can control the level of spiciness, the thickness of the sauce, and all the other ingredients.

두끼떡볶이 대학로점 map located in hyehwa

And second is that you get to have tteokbokki with all the other side dishes that go with it like fried vegetables and fish cake skewers. Or cook fried rice after it.

Dukki Tteokbokki steps

So for those of you going to Dukki for the first time. I will be explaining the steps in order to make the tteokbokki dish in this restaurant:

1.Pour water in the bowl on your table and turn on the electric stove (level 4 or 5 is good), usually the staff would help you with the amount of water needed.

2. Go to get the sauce you want.

To make the sauce you can look at the list they have with suggestions of which sauces go together. You should follow the spoons number on the list for the amount needed. And make sure to check the spiciness level under each sauce!

Filled spoon = 1 spoon. Empty spoon = half a spoon.

Add the sauce to the water and let it boil a bit while you continue to get the rest of the stuff.

3. Get the tteokbokki type you like, vegetables and all the other stuff that you would like to add whether its eggs, sausages, ramyeon..etc

4. Add these stuff to the sauce and let it boil for 5 mins while you get some side dishes and yummy fries.

Bokkeumbap too!

5.Wait there’s more! Its also recommended having fried rice (볶음밥) after tteokbokki in this place. So what you do is leave some sauce in the pot. Bring some cooked rice with seaweeds, kimchi, or other stuff you like. Add it to the pot and fry it for a few and enjoy.

For this buffet, you can eat as much as you want but they usually have a time limit. And remember not to leave a lot of food behind cause first it’s a waste! And second, you may pay extra for it!

I think going to Dukki is a must so make sure to visit once when you’re on your trip!

🇮🇱 Salam Khatib

Currently, a student living in Seoul. like touring around, trying new things, and sharing the experiences while in here.