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Donut Worry and Be Happy: Cupnut Donuts

I myself am a big fan of sweets and desserts. However, I’m a bit skeptical when it comes to donuts. Sometimes they are too small, not too sweet, or too sweet. But the donuts from Cupnut are perfect! They never disappoint.

The Donuts

The cafe has a wide range of flavors. From your traditional flavors like strawberry, chocolate, and glazed, to more local flavors like lotus, sweet potato, and injeolmi. Yes, I am still talking about donuts. When you see the display, the colors and unique flavors are sure to intrigue anyone.

Each and every of Cupnut’s donuts has a cream filling that matches the flavor of your choice and the icing glazed on top. The donuts are big and a bit chewy.  The best part is the price! All of the donuts are below 5,000 won and they are big enough to share with a friend.

This time I ordered an Injeolmi donut and every part was perfect. The topping of the donut sugar mixed with Injeolmi powder. This gave a lovely nutty, sweet taste to the donut. Remember the filling? The unsweetened cream was mixed with injeolmi powder and it added something extra to the donut.  


The cafe has a wide variety of drinks to go along with your donut. They have your usual cafe latte, americano, and vanilla latte. Plus, some ades and teas. They also serve different types of milk; white, sesame seed, milk tea, matcha, and chocolate. Or you can choose one of their cream lattes; injeolmi flavor, lotus, and peanut.

Compared to the donuts, the drinks are a bit expensive. But if you order take-out, you will get a 1,000 won discount. 

Cupnut Jangjeon

Cupnut I went to is located in a residential area in Jangjeon, Busan. The place used to be a house, so it is big enough for you to sit comfortably. The decoration is mimilast in brown shades. It has a relaxing atmosphere. 

You can choose to sit either inside or outside. The outside park is the porch area and the second floor is the rooftop. Wherever you sit, there will be music in the background, but you won’t hear any other big noises. 

From the space and popularity of the place. I would rather recommend going with one or two friends instead of a big group.  You may end up going at a rush hour and having to wait for a place to sit. But overall, it is worth it. 

Cupnut is a chain cafe! There are multiple locations in the Busan and Daegu areas, as well as one location in Seoul. Be sure to search 컵넛 for the location nearest you!

If there are no Cupnut locations near you, not to worry! There are lots of donut chains in Korea. Click Here to read about Old Ferry Donuts.