Dongpirang Mural Village

A glimpse to Korean rural life visit-Dongpirang Mural Village

Korean lifestyle has taken the world in awe for the past few years. With the popularity of k-dramas and K-pop singers, Korea has become a hub for tourists. The country entails some of the most amazing places of the world.

Dongpirang Mural Village is located in Tongyeong-si, South Korea and is one of the most desirable places of South Korea. In past, authorities demolished this village to an extent due to some official decisions but, a few years later, it got renovated and a touch of flamboyant paintings was also added to the walls of this village later by its inhabitants. Now the village is a famous spot to visit in South Korea for the tourists.

This village is one of the dazzling places that never fail to catch the attention of the tourists. Hundreds of thousands of visitors pose in front of the murals annually. The bewitching beauty of this place will compel you to visit this serene village side again and again.

More than the scenery, people here are very warm and welcoming. The tourists see people following cultural rituals of Korea. The people, along with the place, will help you connect to the Korean cultural basics on a deeper level.

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Since, the residents are so culturally rich and engaging, there is no way you are going to end up not learning any Korean word from there.  This part beautifully depicts the rural life of Korea.

The picture perfect spot

The walls in this whole village have been innovatively painted with fresh colors and artistic designs, this further adds to the fresh and peaceful feel of this location. The walls, with Korean alphabets on them,  are the perfect place for pictures and selfies.

These remain often flooded with people with cameras in their hands. This is something that can add a Korean nuance to your pictures. You would not want to miss this.

As far as transport is concerned, it is a piece of cake for tourists to visit the place in a budget friendly amount of money. The credit goes to the popularity of this place in this regard.

In some of the parts, the walls have animated characters on them, while some of the walls have abstract art designs on them. the location also has many open restaurants that would allow you to have a rich look to bare nature.

Enjoy the waters Dongpirang Mural Village

This destination also offers a sea view, a bay and the boat rides. At the sea shore, you can just stand there for hours and enjoy the perfectly  cool breeze and an enthralling sea view. As an extra perk, it can ameliorate the mood and can cure stress induced depression.

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This place gives you  perfect escape from the tiresome hustle and bustle of the modern world. If someone is looking for an organic place to spend some calm and composed days, mural village is the right place .

From where to eat?

One of the best places to visit at this village is the “Café East hill”. This is located on a hill that provides a wide and clear view of the whole village.

Moreover, the savory food of this restaurant is worth each of your penny. There are many other restaurants located there at walking distance which also offer traditional Korean food. One of the other best café’s is the ‘Water front café”. If you are someone always hungry for heart-throbbing views, this restaurant is something for you.

They have a cozy set up that has a warm feel to it. The ambiance is also view friendly. You can enjoy your meal while having the beauteous scenery just a glance away.

How to navigate in Dongpirang Mural Village

At the entrance, this colorful village also has a detailed board that encompasses the map the major and minor details of the tourists’ spots located there. Immediate to the board, the colorful surroundings grab the eyes which is no less than a therapy to the soul. The tourists can easily access their location and can have a rough idea of the tourists attractions located nearby. It is extremely useful especially if you do not have access to internet.

For long walk lovers

The main road of this area has some stalls here and there. Vendors sell little shopping goods and eatables like ice creams on this street side. People usually walk by the road and enjoy the street foods to enjoy the rural visit to their full. People who prefer having long walks with their loved ones, can enjoy their walks on this road along with a desirable look in front of them.

In a nutshell, this is the most warn place to visit in South Korea, a gateway to revive your love for nature and for Korea in general. Your direct ticket to heaven.

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