Discounts on Trips in Korea with Klook

There are so many things on my Korean travel bucket list. However, I am a student and my budget is limited. Thankfully, there are lots of discount opportunities! The first website I always check for discounts on trips in Korea is Klook.

So Many Trips in Korea

As we all know, Korea is a country with a wide range of tourism sites. There are traditional sites that are thousands of years old and there are crazy high-tech modern places that will blow your mind! There is something in Korea for everyone. However, many places have an entrance fee, and you can end up blowing your budget pretty quickly if you’re not careful.

Places like Nami Island, Morning Calm Garden, Lotte World, and Everland are the most famous sites in Korea. So, naturally, lots of foreigners wish to visit them. However, each will require an entry ticket. As a foreigner who doesn’t speak Korean and might not have a Korean bank card, buying a ticket online isn’t easy. In fact, on many Korean sites, it is impossible to make purchases as a tourist.

However, I have found that Klook offers a lot of the same discounts as Korean sites but is easy for foreigners to use. They have services in multiple languages and accept a lot of international payment methods. Personally, I have used this website before and I found them to be reliable and convenient. I am a very impatient person, so that’s saying a lot!

*This is not a paid promotion, I just think Klook is a good way to get discounts and buy tickets online if you are touring Korea.

What is Klook?

Klook is an app and website which is easily accessible and convenient for foreigners who want to book trips and buy tickets to popular destinations in Korea. They offer services in English, Chinese, Thai, French, Italian, Japanese, Vietnamese, Spanish, Russian, Korean, Indonesian, and Dutch. Then, for payment options, you can use most internationally accepted cards including visa, UnionPay, and Master Card. Plus, a few forms of digital payment are accepted including PayPal, Google Pay, and Apple Pay. Most international travelers will not have any trouble making purchases with Klook’s language and payment options.

On Klook you will find a range of trip offerings such as a one-day trip to Nami Island, discounted Lotte World tickets, and shuttle buses to unique rural destinations. I recommend using this app or others like it to find discounts on experiences in Korea and make your life a little easier.

There are other sites also but this is what I like to use often. ^.^

How to Book a Trip

No worries about booking that trip you are dying to go on. I find Klook to be very user-friendly.

Firstly, you need to create an account. Secondly, you take a look at the site’s special offers and choose the trip that interests you the most. Thirdly, after you pick your trip, you will need to enter your payment information. Finally, you will receive your booking confirmation through email. After the confirmation is complete, you are ready to go on an amazing trip!

My Past Experiences with Klook

In January, I bought a ticket to Lotte World for 2 people since it was a birthday celebration. The cost of the ticket was around 38,000 won per person. It included entry and a few other additional activities as part of a package event they had on Klook. I was lucky to come across the offer! We had so much fun, and the ticket claiming process wasn’t difficult at all. Everything was provided in the ticket confirmation message. We just arrived at our destination and enjoyed our day.

For my second experience with the app, I booked a ring-making experience in Hongdae. It was unique and an experience I will always hold close to my heart. My partner and I wanted to get a couple ring for the longest time, but we wanted something special. We came across this deal for a ring-making session that caught our interest. It was 80,000 won for a ring-making class where we could make our own set of rings together, and we are in love with them! They are exactly what we wanted and we added some gems too! However, the gems had an additional cost. But it is worth it! I definitely recommend it.

Parting Words

Overall, I would recommend using Klook or other similar services to book tickets in Korea. If you pay at the door without any discounts, you are paying too much! Hope you enjoyed this short article of mine. Lots of love. <3

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