Woljeong-ri Beach

Woljeong-ri, a village located on the east side of Jeju Island, holds the meaning “the moon stays.” The beautiful emerald sea spreads out like a picture, and the bright moon shines above it. Travelers who visit Woljeongri Beach, a beautiful landscape painting, enjoy the scenery of the beach in various ways. In particular, the shallow water is perfect for families with children to play in the water. As the beautiful scenery of Woljeong-ri became more famous among tourists, more people visited the beach. Now there are many restaurants, cafes, and lodging facilities. Some cafes placed chairs for people to relax while looking at the sea, and the photos taken on these chairs became famous making it a popular photo spot. It is easy to see people holding cameras and recording memories of their trip to Woljeong-ri in Jeju Island.

  • Address: 480-1, Haemajihaean-ro, Jeju-si, Jeju-do
  • Phone Number: +82-64-728-3394
  • Operating Hours: Open 24 hr
  • Closed: N/A (Open all year round)
  • Admission Fees: Free