Udo Island

Udo Island (“ox island”) was known as Soseom or Sweseom (also meaning “ox island”) since the old days because of its shape, which is said to resemble an ox lying down. It is the largest island in Jeju’s 63 subordinate islands. Being a volcanic island, it is blessed with fertile soil, gentle slopes, and abundant fishery. It also attracts nearly 2 million visitors each year, who come to the island to see the Eight Sights of Udo and nature.

  • Address: 153, Udo-ro, Jeju-si, Jeju-do
  • Phone Number: +82-64-782-5671
  • Admission Fees: [Round-trip] Adults 8,500 won / Middle, High school students 8,100 won / Elementary students 3,200 won