Mt. Hallasan Mountain

As one of Korea’s 3 spirit mountains, Hallasan Mountain is located on the southernmost part of the Korean Peninsula, and lays claim to the title of South Korea’s tallest mountain with the height of 1,950m above sea level. Home to all sorts of vegetation, the mountain possesses immense scientific value and is a veritable treasure trove of animals and plants, leading to the designation of Hallasan Mountain Natural Reserve as Natural Monument 182 on October 12, 1966. In fall, when everything is blanketed by a colorful display of flowers, the mountain covered with the red color of the fall foliage is truly a sight to behold, while the snow-covered mountain in the winter stands out as the view to surpass all views. A young volcanic mountain from the Quarternary Period of the Cenozoic Era, Hallasan Mountain was believed to have erupted 25,000 years ago, and the 360 or so volcanic cones surrounding the mountain present a unique view.

  • Address: 2070-61, 1100-ro, Jeju-si, Jeju-do
  • Phone Number: +82-64-710-3945
  • Operating Hours: Open 24 hr (Hiking is allowed only during the daytime)
  • Closed: N/A (Open all year round)
  • Admission Fees: Free