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Dentist in Cheonan: Gaon Dental Hospital

Looking for a dentist in Cheonan? Try Gaon Dental Hospital! Gaon offers university-hospital-level care with a level of comfort normally reserved only for your local neighborhood dental clinic.

Introduction to Gaon Dental Hospital

This local dentist in Cheonan is aiming to change the culture around dentistry in South Korea. It strives to provide high-quality medical care and service with the convenience and personability of a neighborhood dentist. Overall, after your visit to Gaon Dental Hospital, you will not only leave healthier but also happier.


1.Treat patients with the respect and humanity they deserve
2.Serve society through the love of medicine
3.Constantly research and improve hospital capabilities

With these principles in mind, Gaon Dental Hospital strives to be the best dentist in Cheonan. It aims to be a trustworthy and comfortable option that local residents, medical staff, and support staff can be satisfied with.

Unique Feature of Gaon Dental Hospital

In-House Anesthesiologist

Many dental offices in South Korea do not offer general anesthetic under the supervision of a certified anesthesiologist. All of Gaon Dental Hospital’s procedures that require general anesthetic are supervised by an anesthesiologist. This guarantees safe and pain-free treatment.

Treatment for All Ages

This dentist in Cheonan provides treatment for people of all ages. With the proper facilities in place to keep young children entertained parents and children can enjoy their time here. Parents can use Gaon Kid’s Club to ensure their children are well looked after while getting the treatments they need.

Gaon Dental Hospital Doctors

Myoung-Ho Maeng

-Graduated from Dankook University Dental College
– Registered American Prosthetician
-Completed a prosthetic specialist course at Tufts Dental University Hospital in the U.S.
-Completed the implant course at Tufts Dental University Hospital in the U.S.
-Professor of prosthetics at Tufts College of Dentistry in the U.S.
-Completed the Department of Correction at UCLA Dental University in the United States.
-Doctor of Dentistry at Dankook University
-Outpatient professor at Dankook University’s College of Dentistry.
-Member of the American Society of Prosthetics
-Korean Society for the Reconstruction of Facial Plastic Surgery
-Member of the American Implant Society
-Director of the Korean Society of Aesthetic Dentistry

Heon-Song Lim

-Graduated from Dankook University Dental College
-Completion of prosthetics major at Dankook Dental University’s affiliated dental hospital
-Dankook University Graduate School of Dentistry (Dentistry prosthetics)
-Former professor of Dankook University Dental College
-Former Representative Director of Cheongju Dentistry
-Full-time member of the Korean Dental Association / Medical Association
-Outstanding Member/Director of the Imprint Society of Korea Oral Facial Face

Eon-Cheol Shim

-Graduated from Dankook University Dental College
-Doctor of Dentistry, Dankook University College of Dentistry
-Full member of the Korean Dentist Society
-Full member of the Korean Society of Oral Facial Implants
-Former President of Daejeon Chungcheong Branch of the Korean Dentistry Association
-Outpatient professor at Dankook University’s College of Dentistry.

Yong-Suk Lee

-Graduated from Seoul National University Dental College
-Completed internship/resident in dental prosthetics at Seoul National University Dental Hospital
Doctor of Dental Prosthetics, Seoul National University College of Dentistry
-Outpatient professor at Seoul National University’s College of Dentistry
-Full member of the Korean Society of Dental Prosthetics
-Recognized by the Korean Dental Prosthetic Society
-Former head of a dental clinic

Sung-Ho Park

-Dental preservation specialist
-Graduated from Kyungpook National University Dental College
-Completed residency at Kyungpook National University Dental University Hospital
-Masters of Conservative Dentistry, Kyungpook National University College of Dentistry
-Member of the Korean Korean Academy of Conservative Dentistry
-Member of the Korean Dental Association

Dong-Hwi Seo

-Graduated from Kyung Hee University Dental College.
-Internship/residency at Kyung Hee University Dental Hospital
-Fellow of the World Federation of Orthodontists.
-Full member of the Korean Dental Association
-Recognized by the Korean Dental Association.
-Incognito Course Certified Physician
-Invisaline Course Certified Physician

Won-Jong Park

-Bachelors of Science in Electrical and Electronic Engineering at KAIST
-Seoul National University Graduate School of Dentistry Master of Dentistry
-Doctor of Dentistry, Seoul National University College of Dentistry
-Seoul National University Dental Hospital Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, Resident
-Assistant Professor and Assistant Professor of Oral Facial Surgery at Wonkwang University Dental University

Ho-Sun Jang

-Graduated from Hanyang University Medical School
-Master of Medicine at Hanyang University
-Completed a degree in anesthesiology and pain medicine at Hanyang University Hospital
-Former Head of the Department of Anesthesia and Pain Medicine at Chungju Central Hospital
-Former Head of Busan Korea Council
-Previous Director of the Department of Dream Anaesthetic Pain Medicine in Gwangju.
-Former Director of the Department of Anesthesia and Pain Medicine at OK Hospital in Gwangju.
-Full-time member of the Korean Society of Anesthesiology

Gaon Implants

One of the specialties of this dentist in Cheonan is implants. If you find yourself in need of tooth replacement, Gaon dental hospital is the obvious choice. This dental hospital’s doctors are capable of handling even the most difficult of cases. Even those with the advanced progression of bone and gum deterioration can get implants here. Additionally, those who are in need of implants, but otherwise have great dental health may be eligible for 1 day implants.

1 Day Implants

Normally, the implantation of artificial teeth requires a 1 to 2 month rest period after initial tooth extraction. However, with our 1-day implant technique, patients are eligible for artificial tooth implantation on the same day as extraction. Those who are eligible for the procedure must have an absence of bone resorption and severe gum inflammation.

High-Difficulty Implants

Imaging Capabilities

This dentist in Cheonan has the ability to perform implants even on those with advanced gum disease and bone decay progression. With 3-D imaging capabilities, doctors are able to fully assess patients’ conditions. After the treatment area is identified using 3-D imaging, doctors will accurately plan out the procedure before surgery begins.

Implants Under General Anesthetic

Once surgery begins, you can be rest assured that you are in the most capable hands possible.

Among dental clinics in Korea with a hospital ranking or higher, 4 out of every 10 operating rooms function without a certified anesthesiologist. However, Gaon Dental Hospital has a full-time anesthesiologist among its staff.

Being home to an anesthesiologist 365 days a year, patients at this dentist in Cheonan can be rest assured that operations done under general anesthetic are performed safely.

Anterior Implants

One of the most common implant procedures are anterior implants. Anterior implants refer to the set of front teeth that are most visible. If natural teeth are lost due to cavities, gum disease, or accidents anterior implants are an effective treatment that allows patients to carry on with daily life normally. Anterior implants normally include replacing 16-20 teeth.

Full Implants

In more extreme cases, full implants may be necessary. Full implants are a great alternative to dentures. Full implants are ideal for patients with the following circumstances:

-If your bones are in good condition and are eligible to receive anterior implants, but would like a more affordable option.
-Those who have issues with loosely fitting dentures, or dentures that frequently fall out.
-If bones are wearing down due to long-term denture use.

Bone Implants

While many people develop a need for dental implants throughout their lifetime, some may not be able to get the procedure they need to be done due to poor gum and bone health. However, this dentist in Cheonan has a solution to that as well. If there is insufficient bone preserved for regular implants, bone implantation can be performed.

Due to conditions such as periodontitis, long-term dental neglect, or long-term denture use, bones within the oral cavity can decay. Three to six months following successful bone implantation, tooth implants can be considered.

Aesthetic Care

Aesthetic dental care is for those who would like to alter the color or alignment of their teeth in order to achieve their desired look. A number of aesthetic care procedures can be performed at this dentist in Cheonan, including the following:



Ceramic Veneers

You can think of ceramic veneers as “coating the entire tooth with porcelain”. It is one of the most natural-looking options when it comes to dental aesthetics.

Gaon Dental Hospital’s veneers use Zirconia. It is a type of all-ceramic prosthetic that has more than twice the flexural strength compared to other ceramics. Zirconia ceramics can reproduce colors and shapes that are very similar to natural teeth. As a result, it is an option for those wanting both strength and aesthetics.


At this dentist in Cheonan, the whitening system of choice is ZOOM. ZOOM is a tooth-bleaching system that uses hydrogen peroxide and UV lights. Within 1 hour desired whitening effects can be achieved.

Location and Reservation

Gaon Dental Hospital(가온치과병원)

Address:  129 Dongseodae-Ro, Seobuk-Gu, Cheonan, South Chungcheong
Korean address: 충남 천안시 서북구 동서대로 129 5층
Operating Hours: Mon-Fri:09:00 AM - 06:30 PM
Sat:09:00 AM - 03:30 PM
Break: Prosthetic Division1: 12:30 PM - 01:30 PM
Prosthetic Division2: 01:00 PM- 02:00 PM