De-stress in a Coin Karaoke (노래방)!

Get your microphone ready, we are about to de-stress in a Coin Karaoke (코인 노래방)!

Doing karaoke Or Noraebang (노래방) is indeed one of the most popular methods to chill, here in South Korea. And no wonder why, you are able to sing your heart out and loosen up your mind at a cheap price, and with all the needed equipment.

So if you also want to sing out loud, we are about to explain you how to use a coin karaoke.

Gcoin karaoke in gongju

The best way to de-stress

A Coin Noraebang consists of several rooms that are equipped with everything you need to do karaoke comfortably.

Usually there is a couch where you can sit with your friends, microphones and the karaoke system with a big smart TV. Plus, the atmosphere makes you feel like in a party, with the shiny lights that reflect around the room.

In some of them there is even CCTV 24/7, so you do not have to feel insecure when going there alone.

How to do use it?


As its name gives the hint, this is a coin karaoke. Therefore, you must change your bills into coins by using these machines. However, there are some rooms where you can place the bill directly. But usually only ₩1000 bills.

As for the prices, it depends on the place you choose to go. In some of them, the price per one song is ₩500. The one we visited in Gongju ㅡG Coinㅡ, was ₩1000 for three songs.


You can choose any of their colorful rooms as long as it is empty. You need to take in consideration that this is not like a regular noraebang, you cannot drink alcohol nor smoke or eat inside. There is CCTV in the rooms, so we suggest you to not break the rules!

On the inside, it usually has an exit guide map. There you can also see how many rooms are there.


In the case of G. Coin, you will find two microphones, a remote control, a big led TV and the karaoke system. Plus two cushions to seat with your friends.

While the room seems to be really narrow, there are some other coin karaoke places where you can find a bigger room.

With this in mind, we can say that this place is perfect for 1 ~ 4 people.


You will find placed in the corner a big book that contains all the songs that you can sing. The songs are not only in korean, but you can also find in several languages.

The songs are arranged in alphabetical order, and they have a number written on the side. You must write the number of the song you want to sing in the remote control.


If it is your first time, you might feel shocked by all the buttons that the remote control have. Most of them, are just special effects and to control the sound of the microphone and music.

But the basic buttons you will need to know how to use, are the numbers and the low section of the remote.

As we mentioned before, from the available songs book you need to choose one, and then write the number in the control remote. If you want to sing it right away, then you must click ‘시작’ afterwards. If you just want this song to automatically start once you finish the one you are currently singing, you can click ‘예약’. To cancel, just click ‘취소’.

As for the lower section, you can directly look for the song or artist by writing its name. To switch from Korean to English, you must press the ‘한/영‘ button.

The button ‘제목’ is to look according to a topic, while ‘가수’ to look directly for the singer. On the other hand, ‘가사’ is used to look directly for the song.

Once you have choosen, you must click ‘Enter’. Or in case you want to delete what you wrote, choose ‘지움‘.

In addition, you can find the same controls placed in the karaoke system that is below the TV.


The TV will show different options, but what catches the attention for sure is that you are able to plug in your own USB with songs.

Or you can just vibe to the music they already have recorded for you! With the remote control you will be able to choose the song that you wish to perform.

You have the option to divide the song between male and female voices, so you can be in synch with your opposite sex singing partner.

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

Once you finish singing, you will receive a rating. But do not feel sad if you get zeros as us! The machine just automatically rates you and do not determine your actual singing skills. It is just for fun.

we got 00 score even if we sang

Depending on the coin karaoke you go, you might find a board where you can leave trace that you visit there. Who knows? Maybe a big entertainment company will cast you in next!


After singing for so long, you might want to buy some beverages from the vending machines!

A Coin Karaoke (노래방) is indeed a great place to de-stress, is not it?

Is it safe to go during COVID pandemic?

It is up to the suggestions that the government does. If the government indicates to not go out, then we must follow that order. This is just a guide that you can use once this pandemic is over!


Like in most of the places nowadays, you must register using your QR code. Even if this place is self-serve, you must follow the rules.

You need to take in mind that you must wear your facemask even while singing, and use antibacterial before entering the room.


Usually with our without COVID, everything tends to be well protected. For example, the control has its own anti-dust case, which you can easily wipe with antibacterial.

While the microphones have its own cover that you can choose before entering the room. To prevent coming directly in contact with it.


At least in G. Coin Karaoke, they show you information on how to take prevention measures against COVID while singing. Before every song.


The Coin Karaoke we visited is located in Gongju. However, you can find your own just by typing ‘코인 노래방’ in the maps app of your preference.

Gcoin노래연습장: 충남 공주시 번영2로 78-1


A Coin Karaoke (노래방) is indeed a great place to de-stress with your friends! Because of this, we highly suggest you to visit one while you are in South Korea.

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