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Dang Dang: Best Souffle Pancakes in Jeju

One of the reasons to why Jeju Island is a popular tourist destination, is that it has some of the best restaurants that you could ever find. Because of this, a lot of people go there just to have a gastronomic travel course. And Dang Dang, is one of the places that are in a lot of people’s bucket list, as they sell the best souffle pancakes in Jeju!

And when we say that this place is popular, we really mean it! In fact, you need to make reservation in advance if you do not want to be part of the long queque. Either way, it is completely worthy to come! Since the food is way too delicious to be missed.

Now, let us introduce you to this restaurant cafe that you might want to visit soon!

The best souffle pancakes in Jeju

Dang Dang is a cafe known for having the best souffle pancakes in Jeju. Because of this, a lot of people come every day with the hope of being able to try them.

For that reason, you will always find a long queque. And even if you arrive and do not see a single soul in line, it does not mean that there is no people waiting to enter. As a lot of them, just stay in their cars. Or do reservation in advance to arrive at a specific hour.

But we are not trying to scare you! Since it is not impossible to get your spot! You will just need to do reservation through their phone or social media. So you do not have to wait, and can come directly to enjoy their delicious food!

If you come without reservation, you can enter and write your name on the list. Then, they will call you by phone when there is a table available for you.

Now, let us show you the reason to why people are in love with this cafe!


The representative dish of this place is the souffle. Because of this, they sell them in two different presentations. One that is meant for people with sweet tooth. As it has syrup, ice cream and banana. While the other one, has salad, sausages and fries. In case that you are not a big fan of sweet.

They also sell pasta. So as a vast of drinks. If you do not like to drink coffee, you wont have to worry. Since they have other type of beverages.

As for the prices, it seems to be on the expensive side. But I assure you it is completely worthy! Not for nothing this place is famous.



When you enter, the first thing that you will see is the counter. There, you can find their menu displayed. And also, that is where you can get the list to do reservation.

As expected, this place is so popular that even some famous celebrities from South Korea have come. That is why there are some signatures there.

The cafe is really small. And that could be one of the main reasons to why there is always a long queque. As there are not enough tables. However, it is still quite cozy. I love the fact that there is a big window to let the outside light in.

At the back, they have a place where you can put your coat. So you do not have to carry it. I thought it was a nice touch.


I ordered the brunch set. And let me tell you, it was completely worthy! It had me dancing from how delicious it was. Plus it was a big surprise to find out all the things that it include. For the price, I think it was fair!

Starting with the pancakes, they were fluffy and soft. That is why it felt satisfying to hit them with the fork and see how they bounce.

These, had an egg on the top. And there is not better view than cutting it in half and seeing how the yolk drips from the pancakes. Absolutely appetizing!

Plus it includes maple syrup, of course. Which combines really well with the egg as well.

I feel so excited when I saw all the things that are included in this dish! The salad has fresh ingredients. And a mushroom dressing that taste delish. It had plenty of fries as well. Which were perfect! The combination of softness and crunchiness was on point! And these were well seasoned. Plus they give you ketchup and mustard to dip them in.

As for the sausages, these were so tasty and juicy! I am not a big fan of sausages. But for some reason, I thought these were incredible.


This place is located in Jeju Island.

Address: 25 Jungeoman 1-gil, Aewol-eup, Jeju-si, Jeju-do

How to get there:
From Jeju Airport, you can take bus no. 325 or 326. And wait for 11 stops. At the bus stop called ‘제주민속오일장입구’, you must transfer to bus no. 202, 202-1, 202-2 or 292. Then, you must wait for 24 stops. And get off at the bus stop named ‘중엄리’. There, you need to turn right in the first corner. And walk straight until the next corner. Where you must turn to your left. Then, you need to walk straight till you find it.

Schedule: 10:30 ~ 17:00 / Closed on Tuesday


After seeing the pictures, you can realize why Dang Dang is known for having the best souffle pancakes in Jeju! It is in fact a place that visiting just once it is not enough. As their food leaves you obsessed!

If you had already gone to this place, what are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments!

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