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Daily Oasis: Get Breakfast with a Great View!

Daily Oasis is cafe where you can get breakfast with a great view before your eyes! Since the sea is just in front. Making the vibrant colors of the houses stand out. Plus it is near to the airport. Which means that you will be able to see airplanes taking off! And overall, your view looks just like a painting! Not to mention that the food they sell, looks as picturesque as the scenery.

Jeju is an island that it is known for having some of the best restaurants and cafes. That is the reason to why a lot of people travel there, for sure. To have a feast. And this cafe, does justice to this. Since they sell some of the greatest breads and pancakes. Which after eating them, your mouth will still water due to how delicious they were.

In addition, the view from there is stunning! Making it the perfect place to relax and have a good meal.

Now, let us introduce you to this cafe that you might want to go right away!

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A touch of Jeju

Once you arrive to this cafe, you will come to realize that you are indeed in Jeju! Since it has some of the signature flavors of this island. And decorations that assure you that this is not a dream!

Now get ready to get a breakfast with a great view before your eyes, since from Daily Oasis you can enjoy the scene of the blue sea as you are eating.


From coffee to tea, they sell vast of drinks. But what made this cafe famous, is the pancakes that they sell! And no wonder why, when they are big and filling.

They also have seasonal drinks and food. Which means that these are only sold in that season.

It is worth to mention that everything seems to Jeju themed. So you can expect your food to have a design on it.

They have a great variety of bread and cakes, as well. Which look appetizing for sure!



First floor

On the first floor you will find the counter. Where you can place your order and get a bell that vibrates when your order is ready. As in most cafes, you need to come and get your food on your own.

In front, they have displayed the bread that they sell. Since it is a self-service, they have some trays and dishes so you can get them.

This place has three floors: the counter, an eating area and a terrace. And all of them, have a their own interior design. So you can choose the one that matches your vibe.

Second floor

This floor looks chic for sure! And this is because of the modern decorations that they used. The pink sofas are soft and indeed comfortable. Plus the neat arrangement of the furniture, makes this place look clean.

But what I liked the most, was in fact the view you have from here! If eating in the terrace is not for you, then you might want to consider having your meal in this zone. As you have a great scenery before your eyes.

Daily Oasis is where you in fact can get breakfast with a great view! The colors of the outside, kinda make your food look even more appetizing. Due to the combination of tones.

Third floor

On the other hand, the third floor looks playful! Thanks to the vibrant colors. And the furniture’s style. As they look dynamic with those round shapes.

Even though it looks uncomfortable at first glance, I can assure you it is not. Seems like a perfect area to hang out with your friends.

The highlight of this cafe is the terrace, for sure! Because that small window looks iconic. Since it has the logo and makes the scenery look just like a painting. In addition, you can see airplanes taking off. As the airport is nearby.

With that in mind, is the perfect spot to take pictures. You can eat and calmly wait till an airplane takes off. To snap a great shot!


As soon as you see your food, you will think that the price was fair! Since it is well served. You can see that they really make sure that you have the most filling breakfast ever. Despite that, you might want to order once again. And not because of not feeling full. But due to the fact that the taste is so addictive!

Seasonal Fruit Souffle Pancake

This dish was a complete surprise! Because when you order something with fruit, you do not really expect it to have this much of it. But these pancakes had plenty. Indeed a great amount to satisfy your cravings.

As fruit can be quite expensive in South Korea, you can realize that the price of this dish was fair for sure. In addition, it had some sort of marmalade that gave a nice sweetness to it. Plus vanilla ice cream.

Matcha Espresso

The first thing that caught my attention is how beautiful this drink looks. Because of how vivid is the green tone of it. Plus they draw a cactus using what is seems to be green tea powder.

The texture of this drink is really soft. So it feels satisfying to take a sip of it. Although you might get a mustache with that cream! So be sure of wiping out your mouth before you leave.

As for the taste, it was on point! Even for someone that it is not into coffee can get to like it. Maple Syrup and Cream Souffle Pancake

If you are more into classic flavors, then this one is for you! Since it only has maple syrup and whipping cream. But that does not mean that is not as delicious as other dishes. In fact, the taste of this one was nice. As the level of sweetness is the ideal. Plus the ice cream and dried orange gives a nice touch to it.

I loved how fluffy and soft they were. Due to that, it was addictive to munch them. The texture was in fact the best.

Black Sesame Shake

At first I was hesitant of ordering this. Since I have never seen something like this before. I never imagined that black sesame can be turned into a sweet drink. But I had to try it anyways. Since it is a signature drink from Jeju Island.

After taking the first sip, I was impressed. As the taste was indeed nice! It was not overly sweet. But had the perfect level of it.

And it had a cookie on top that I suppose it was done with the same ingredients. As it tasted similar.

It was for sure a nice touch. Since who does not like to dip their cookies in a drink?


This place is located in Jeju Island.

Address: 3 Yongma-ro 2-gil, Yongdamsam-dong, Jeju-si

How to get there:
From Jeju Airport, you can take bus no. 453. Where you will get off at the ninth stop. Which is ‘용두암현대1차아파트’. There, you must cross the street and walk straight. At the third corner, you must turn to your left and walk straight. And at the third corner, you need to turn to your left. Then, you will find it.

10:00 ~ 20:00
Closed on Wednesday


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Daily Oasis is in fact the best place to get a breakfast with a great view before your eyes! So if you are near to the airport, you should visit them. Specially if you arrived early and need to wait for your accommodation to be ready. As this is the perfect cafe to chill and have a first glance of Jeju Island.
Daily Oasis is in fact the best place to get a breakfast with a great view before your eyes! So if you are near to the airport, you should visit them. Specially if you arrived early and need to wait for your accommodation to be ready. As this is the perfect cafe to chill and have a first glance of Jeju Island.
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In case you already went, what were your thoughts on this coffee shop? Let us know in the comments!

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