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Dae Won Jeepland: Car Accessories in Korea

If you are looking for car accessories in Korea, Dae Won Jeepland should be your first option. With staff that are fluent in English and have over 30 years of experience, you can get your car set up exactly to your liking in no time at all.

Amazing Service

If I had a car here in South Korea, I would want it to be as stylish as can be to match me. Recently, I went to Dae Won Jeepland and had a look around.

This business has been operating for over 30 years and it shows. I arrived there and was given a tour of the business, now when you expect a car accessories business you expect some plastic chairs and bad service. That was not what happened.

TV, Drinks, and Golf!

I was in their waiting room and informed that I had a variety of options. I could watch TV and have some drinks while the work would be done or – and this is what astounds me, I could play indoor tv golf on a massive screen! Being a golf fan this astounded me, free drinks and a free golfing session were adding this place to my good books.


Once I had my fill of the golf I was given a tour of the premises by the owner. He was extremely knowledgeable about their products. His English was good enough for me to ask a variety of questions and get answers.

Best Car Accessories in Korea

During my tour of DaeWon Jeepland, I learned that their products can supply all of the Korean car fitters and they have an abundance of parts, from air filters to rooftop boxes.

Car Accessories in Korea: Automatic Sidestep

My personal favorite was the automatic sidestep. Dae Won Jeepland actually has its own Automatic Sidestep patented technology. It blends in seamlessly with the vehicle. When it isn’t activated, you can’t even tell it’s there. Then, it glides out with incredible ease. Overall, it’s one of those small things that really gives a car style.

Car Accessories in Korea: Flatbed Setup

These parts could turn any normal car into a dream! You’ll be able to add in a flatbed to carry all of your meat and beers, and a camping canopy can be added so you can set up a camping site with shade and enjoy all those meat and beers I love so much. Really, it is a dream set-up for any grill master.

Car Accessories in Korea: Rooftop Box

Their second most popular product was the rooftop box. With a capacity of 710 liters, you can put all types of things on top while still having space in your vehicle. It’s made from fiberglass so it is extremely durable and light so no need to worry about missing your children’s soccer games due to lack of speed.

The owner showed me the graveyard of cheaper rooftop boxes that customers had purchased from cheaper suppliers. These were all items that their rooftop boxes replaced. This was impressive because as far as I know all of his products withstood high-speed winds from freeway driving.

The rooftop boxes came in a variety of colors while having a sleek burgundy color inside, these boxes included lights so no need to worry about losing anything when it was dark. Once installed and opened, the top boxes resemble a sort of wingspan similar to an Eagle, giving your car a sporty yet reliable look.

Expert Set-up

I was very impressed. While I was there, they installed a full body kit plus the rooftop box. This took just under an hour and they had it down to the tee. The employees had the knowledge and experience to be able to install everything as a unit and ensure no problems or issues occurred.

Dae Won Jeepland for Car Accessories in Korea

If you’re in the market to make your car look like something out of Need for Speed. I recommend going here. Included with a purchase of a rooftop box at this branch you’ll get a free mat and netting saving you over 100,000 won. Plus you’ll be able to show all your friends that you can fully stock your car and still fit everyone comfortably in the back

Dae Won Jeepland (대원 지프랜드)

Address: 17 410 Beon-gil, Daeju-ro, Deokyang-Gu, Goyang, Gyeonggi-do
Korean address: 경기 고양시 덕양구 대주로410번길 17 대원지프랜드
Operating Hours: Mon-Fri 09:00 AM - 06:00 PM
Sat: 09:00 AM - 01:30 PM
Sun: Closed
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