Daewangam Park

Daewangam Park – One of the prettiest parks in Ulsan

I am sure many of you love traveling and of course, enjoy the beauty of seas. Today, I would like to introduce to you another great place worth visiting in South Korea. It is the Daewangam Park in Ulsan.


You might think it is just one of the normal parks where you have a walk. But it’s actually not. It is a park that is right beside the South sea and I am sure it is going to be a totally new experience for you. You can take a bus or a subway to Daewangam Park, then the first place you will meet is a car park. You need to walk for about ten to fifteen minutes to reach the park.

Once you get off the station, you will see a children’s park which is in dragon shape. The reason it is in a dragon shape is that Daewangam Park is also in a dragon shape. So, the dragon is a symbol of the area. From the children’s park, you need to walk past a camping area. This place is beloved by locals and campers because the shady trees give some cool and refreshing places for people.

Just follow the map!

After you pass through the little jungle, you will meet a long pathway. There is actually nothing besides both sides. It might make you feel that you are going in the wrong direction but actually, you are on the right track. Just follow the map and go straight. As you walk, you will get to see an abandoned school. And then you will see another walking path!

I need you to cross that pathway and continue to walk for around ten minutes. You can see an observatory deck on your way. And after that, you will see the Daewangam cliffs and rocks. I went up to the rocks for a better view of the sea. The sea was super beautiful and it was definitely worth my trip. It is one of the best views I have ever seen in my life. No pollution and it was crystal blue. I was even able to see a jellyfish in the water.


There is a bridge to the other rocks. But you really need to be careful not to lose your balance because the wind up there is super strong. And I thought it would be easy to lose my belongings such as a cap and sunglasses with the strong wind. And also don’t forget to wear some sunscreen if you go there in summer because it is very scorching.

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🇲🇾 Tan Wei Wen

Hello, I am a foreign student that is currently living in Seoul, South Korea. Wish to share more about my travel stories here.