Daecheong Lake

Daejeon Meditation Garden

One of the best natural places to go in Daejeon is Meditation Garden(명상정원). This place is a part of the big man-made lake in Daejeon, Daecheongho. Which, also happens to be the place where they filmed the movie 창궐 (Rampant).

Meditation Garden Introduction

This is one part of the big Daecheongho Lake. It is a drama filming site located in the 4th section of Daecheongho Obaekri-gil. Meanwhile, a free exploration deck was installed for the safety and convenience of tourists.

It also has a photo zone and shelter with free wifi. The beautiful nature and well-equipped facilities are well maintained by the government making it a dream location for nature-lovers.

From spring to late fall the flowers that bloom here are stunning. Together with breathtaking scenery, you can feel the refreshing breeze coming off the lake. The water is surprisingly clean, no trash can be found here.

However, if you want to go on a picnic, you need to bring a bag since there are no trash cans on site. There is also no toilet. Everything is provided at the entrance of the Meditation Garden: toilet, parking lot, fresh water tap.

You maybe be tempted to try to swim. However, the sand here sinks faster as you get in the water. The water is clean, but no one swims, they only enjoy the view.


For those who have a car, it is fairly easy to go there. However, knowing that most of the foreigners who are reading this do not own a car, it may be a little more difficult for you to find your way there. I recommend that you take a taxi to go there. From gayangdong, dongu to the meditation garden, it takes about 15-20 minutes by taxi with a fee of around 9, 000 Won.

It is an easy and convenient option to go there since the bus has long intervals and it takes 1 hour to go there. When you go back, take the bus 60 to go back. You should check the time the bus will arrive on Naver maps so that you don’t miss it. Use Naver maps as much as you can since the area is in the middle of nowhere with very few people around to ask for directions.

Daejeon Meditation Garden (명상정원)

Korean Address: 대전광역시 동구 추동 680
Address: 680 Chu-dong, Dong-gu, Daejeon
Operation hours: Every day
Direction: Bus 60 

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