Most popular street of Daegu

Today I will share the following about Daegu :

About Daegu

Hi everyone! I think most of you do not know well about Daegu, especially shopping streets or centre of this city which looks like Myeongdong. Before starting our main place, let me give some inforamtion about Daegu so that you do not have to search and read separately about this topic. Daegu (대구, literally means “big hill”) formerly spelled Taegu and officially known as the Daegu Metropolitan city (대구광역시). This city is the forth- largest city in South Korea, after Seoul, Busan and Incheon and the third-largest metropolitan area in the nation with over 2.5 million residents. Daegu is the capital of Gyeongsangbuk-do Province and Geumhogang, Nakdonggang Rivers run through the city. The city is surrounded by Biseulsan Mountain and Daedeoksan Mountain to the south and Palgongsan Mountain to the north. The city of Daegu is well-known with its cultural heritage cites, mountains and parks, museums and theatres, various shopping malls and hosts every year various festivals which not only citizens but also visitors enjoy with this. Daegu is also popular with lots of international students and English teachers which means in Daegu many foreigners can find work in various spheres.

Daegu has a great transportation network. Subway consists of three-line system which makes getting around easy. Daegu is 300km away from Seoul and 120km away from Busan. Also from Seoul to Daegu, it takes 1 hour and 40 minutes by KTX and by bus around 4 hours. There are big two terminals which are Dongdaegu Station and Daegu station.

V (Kim Tae-hyung) ⓒ Taehyun’s Moment / wikimedia

Lastly, you will be surprised to hear that Daegu has produced so many celebrities, for example BTS V, Suga, SongHye-kyo, SonYe-jin, 2PM’s Jun.K, and YooAh-in, showing their representations to the Korean Wave.

Popular shopping street of Daegu

So let’s start today’s target place. There is a place which, one day if you come to Daegu, should visit with your friends. I can say this place especially for young people as it is consider to be centre of Daegu or downtown (시내). This place is called as Dongseongno (동성로).

Dongseongno is the most popular shopping street in Daegu, offering from luxurious department stores to fast fashion Korean beauty products. This big street begins at Daegu Station and continues through downtown Daegu. Here you can find everything for hanging out, like bookstores, various restaurants, movie theaters, jewelry stores, clubs, pubs and street performance. That’s why this street always full of young people no matter which season. Also, as I mentioned, along this street, you can see various brands which are H&M, Zara, Spao, Shoopen and Fila. These brands are so popular among Koreans. In addition, you can find all Korean cosmetic brands, such as Etude House, Nature Republic, Missha, Innisfree and so on. Whenever I want to do shopping, I always go there and buy also some unnecessary items, because I am shopaholic.

Things to do at this street

First of all, there are variety of restaurants (맛집) which you can choose any of your favorite one. But I know sometimes it’s so difficult to find some good ones and takes lots of time to decide, especially with your friends.

I usually prefer restaurants which have a scenery view so that while eating I can enjoy the view. Last time when I went I found this place and they had really reasonable prices.

Then of course, coffee shop is the best choice to have some talks with your friends. One of the reason why I love Korea is here I can find very good coffee shops with unrepeatable inner and outer designs. And atmosphere makes me always fresh and happy. At this street, there are lots of coffee shops which worth to visit one by one.

By @s_pretty

Next one interesting place is called Spark and this is a very big department store which on the 7th floor they have an amusement park. Last time I rode a Ferris wheel and enjoyed the view of Daegu from the highest.

Here you can see the prices of amusement park. They are so cheap and worth to ride. Also you can find all information related to this department store on their official website:

© d-spark

And last but not least, best thing to do is walking along the street and enjoy the window shopping. Usually there will be street performances, so sitting on the chair and listening live music is also good choice to refresh yourself. Let me share with you some beautiful pictures which I took at this street.

How to get there

대구 중구 용덕동 12 Or 대구역 2번 출구

You can also simply write on map like this: “동성로”


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