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Current BTS Merchandise Pop Up Stores in Seoul

BTS is by far the most famous and popular Kpop-boy group. It is not for nothing that many fans travel to Korea to get to know the home country of their idols. Of course, there is also a lot of merchandise waiting for you to buy that you shouldn’t miss as an army. At the moment there are two pop up stores in Seoul.

BTS: Map of the soul pop up store in sinsa

One is located in Myeongdong, the other in Sinsa. Although you need an online reservation for the one in Sinsa, you can visit the one in Myeongdong without a ticket.

The BTS: Map of the Soul merchandise store in Sinsa has got three floors. However, you can only buy the merchandise displayed on the first floor. The other products are all available online.

Furthermore, there are many photo corners like black wings or the TINY TANS figures. There is also an alley of army bombs that are great for a photo! If you’re coming by yourself you can ask the friendly employees to take a picture for you.

The BTS: Space of BTS pop up store is located at Lotte Mall in Myeongdong. It is free to enter and offers other merchandise than in Sinsa. You can find this store located at B1.

The merchandise here is rather simply designed. A few of the items were already sold out when I visited the store, so keep that in mind! Other than that, it’s a great store to come to and explore!

Furthermore, everything you can buy everything that you see displayed here! Happy shopping!

🇩🇪 Lisa Thoennissen

My name is Lisa and I’m from Düsseldorf, Germany.