Curly Hair in Korea

I have always had curly hair. However, before coming to Korea I just let it be. I didn’t care for my curls, I just let them be straightened by gravity and be frizzy too. 

My Curly Hair Journey

I didn’t do much for my hair to have body. I just washed it and dried it if necessary. But my sister –yeah, of course, she was born with naturally straight hair. She always insisted that I take care of my curls and that I should embrace them. I never really listened to her.

But then, the Korean Summer came. Yeah, Monsoons in all their glory. They claimed my hair and made it so freezy that it was as if it was a cotton candy ball. Finally, I decided I had enough. I cut my hair and started taking care of it, buying products made for curly hair and taking my time to really understand how it all works. And, I have to say, it has been quite a journey. Embracing my wavy hair has given me some confidence I didn’t think I had in myself.

So, now that I am done giving you the context, I will start showing you my favorite products that I have discovered here in Korea and that I also have been able to buy from any Olive Young store, and even from Coupang!

Mis en Scene: Mist and Cream

Product Name: Mise en Scene – Full and Glamorous volume mist & Curling essence 2x cream

This curling cream is perfect to coat my hair after I’ve stepped off the shower. Normally, I scrunch my hair with a microfiber towel. Then, I immediately spray the mist and follow that application with the cream.

I apply a little bit and make it stretch out to cover all my hair. Overall, I have found that the combination of the two makes the curls very defined.

Mise en Scene Balm

Mise en Scene: Salon plus Treatment balm

This is the balm I use in between hair-wash days. It brings a softness and shine to my hair that makes the days in between washing tolerable. It keeps the waves and curls intact.

Daleaf: Cream

Daleaf: Wave and Perm cream.

This cream is applied to my hair before turning the shower off, with my hair still damp. It brings body to my hair without it being too frizzy.


On top of all the products I mentioned before, you can Click Here to find the dryer I bought that came with a diffuser. It was cheap but works pretty well.

So, if you are looking to take care of your curls and don’t know where to start, maybe you should try the products that I loved and let me know how they worked for you! I am excited to hear your curly hair stories!!

For more information on where to find products for curly hair in Korea, Click Here!

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