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Cinemas in Korea

Every city in South Korea has large cinema chains and multiplexes as CGV, Megabox, Lotte Cinema. Usually large cinemas in Seoul are located at the shopping malls of huge busy districts like Hongdae, Gannam, Myeongdong, Itaewon. However every district has smaller cinemas also.The majority of cinemas in Seoul are located in modern multi-screen complexes with up-to-date technology, digital sound, I-max or 3D. The majority of cinemas change their movie schedules and release new films on Thursdays and on every last Wednesdays tickets are chipper than usual. Most movies are shown in English with Korean subtitles and sometimes  Korean movies with English subtitles.

How to buy tickets

In Korea it is better and easier to buy tickets online before before going to the cinema. Because before the movie time, tickets for films at the larger cinema chains can be sold out quickly. However, the websites may be ask to write an ID number  and phone number in order to book online. These are official websites of these chains for online booking.

There is also website called  This website is very comfortable and easy to use cause it offers ticket  booking for any cinema in Korea. Also this website is in English and possible to pay by foreign cards. It does not require ID documents, only phone number or email address to send the confirmation number.First you choose the movie, then city and cinema.

The cinema I usually go with my boyfriend is one on Myeongdong called Myeongdong CGV.  It is located in mall center Myeongdong Noon Square on the 8th floor. The address is 서울특별시 중구 명동2가 83-5번지 눈스퀘어 8층 or 서울특별시 중구 명동길 14 (명동).

 How to get there

The easiest and cheapest way is by subway.There is subway station close to the cinema. The most direct subway station is Myeongdong Station ( Seoul Subway Line 4). Take the exit 7 and walk 600m from the subway station. However, since Travel Maker is located on Myeongdong district there is also one subway station that is close. It is Euljiro Station and use Exit 6.

Moreover you can use buses. There are several buses that go to the Myeongdong CGV cinema.By bus: 103, 105, 143, 151, 152, 163, 261, 262, 300, 401, 406, 500, 501, 701, 702, 104, 108, 263, 604.

Since Covid-19 outbreak rules of cinemas in Korea changed a lot. First of all now less seats are available and in staggered way. So it is harder to choose seats and only 50% of the whole seats are available to use.Secondly wearing mask during the movie is mandatory. Thirdly before the entrance there is special machine with camera that measures body temperature and they will ask write down personal information in journal or leave personal Kakao QR code.

The best thing in cinema culture here is food. Here in CGV cinemas you can order special set from popcorns, hotdogs, chicken grill and beverages.

There are special kiosks where you can order with bank card. The cost is 5000-10.000 wons.

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