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Cube Entertainment Building: Meeting Kpop Idols, Tour and Directions

Every Kpop fan has probably dreamed of going to Korea and visiting the entertainment agency of their favorite Kpop idols. Meeting them in person may not be easy to achieve but at least, being in the same building as them gives a sweet feeling of fulfillment. Setting your foot on their building for the first time will be a heart fluttering moment. So if you are a fan of Kpop idols such BTOB, Pentagon, (G)I-dle, CLC, Yoo Seon-ho and A Train to Autumn, then visiting Cube Entertainment Building is a must!

How to get there

To get to Cube Entertainment building, take a subway (line 2 or green line) and get off at Seongsu Station (성수). Then find your way out to Exit 1. From Exit 1, walk straight for about 2 minutes and you will see Cube’s building on your right. Within that 2-minute walk, there’s a mini crossing with pedestrian lane right before your arrive at your destination. But make sure to just walk straight.

Reminisce 20 Space Café

When Cube Entertainment moved to Seongsu from their old location, they also opened a coffee shop called 20 Space Mint Universe. It occupied the first floor of the building. 20 Space had been a haven for Cube stans (fans) for years before it got a renovation last June of this year.


20 Space interior design is surely made for fans. It has a giant LCD screen where they play the music videos of Cube Entertainment artists. Beside the counter is a display of their artists’ official merchandise.

There’s also mirror where fans can take photos of themselves with with Instagram-inspired frame.

In one corner of the café, there is an area where fans leave messages to their favorite Kpop artists. Sometimes, other fans leave albums for grabs too, and you can get it for free. Fans can also drop letters in Cube Postbox located beside the counter.


They offer coffee (hot and cold), ice beverage, tea, and other beverages. Cakes are also available in the café. The price is a little bit more expensive but of course, a little price to pay to be in a same building as Cube’s Kpop idols.


Aside form the usual drinks, 20 Space also sells official merchandises. Fans can buy albums, light sticks, posters and other official items of Cube artists. During the comeback of their artists, they also offer special beverages with promotional schemes. For example, during BTOB’s comeback in 2017, they offered BTOB-designed macaroons. In 2018, they had a promo where customers would get a free sticker once they have collected stamps from buying drinks.

20 Space also held an exhibition in 2018 for BTOB’s album promotion of This Is Us. Fans who bought albums from the exhibit on a specific period of time, had a chance to get into fan sign event.

Get to Know Cubaker

As mentioned, 20 Space was renovated in late June to give way to Cubaker which opened last August. Its difference with 20 Space is that it mostly offers mouthwatering pastries on top of coffee and beverages.

FROM CUBAKER instagram

Obviously, its interior differs from the previous café. If 20 Space had several tables fit for groups, Cubaker had rows of tables and a long table where customers can enjoy their orders. It also added a big circular mirror where Cube’s Kpop idols love to take selfies.


Meet Kpop Idols

Speaking of Kpop idols, visiting Cube Entertainment building might also give you a chance to bump into them. For instance, me and my friends were in 20 Space in 2018 and suddenly, Sungjae of BTOB showed up at the counter to buy coffee. There were also other instances when I was ordering at the counter when Jihno and Yuto of Pentagon appeared right beside me to order too. Same thing also happened with Yoo Seon-ho. I acted normal but deep inside, I was really shocked and was lost for words. (G)I-dle members often go to 20 Space to buy coffee too.

I also bumped into HyunA in 20 Space when she was still with Cube. We crossed paths when I was about to go to the restroom while she was about to go to the counter. It was because the way to the restroom of the café is actually the same way going to the elevator of the building. So Cube artists usually use that path when they go down to buy a coffee. In a rare occurrence, one night I also got to walk side by side with Pentagon members outside Cube building. I was just passing through the building when I heard familiar voices behind me. I was surprised to see that it was Pentagon members.

Seeing favorite Kpop idols is a great thing but fans should also know when to respect the privacy of these artists. Like for example, if you happen to see them inside the café, there is a silent rule that you must not approach them or ask for autograph. If you also see them walking within the vicinity of their agency building, you must not stalk them.

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