Where to Buy Crystals in Seoul: Crystal Fantasy

Welcome crystal-holics to Crystal Fantasy! Like its name, Crystal Fantasy is a fantasy land filled with precious crystals and accessories alike! Located in the ever-so-popular neighborhood of Insadong. Today we will explore the colorful and sparkly store!

Crystal Fantasy

Nestled along the rows of shops in Insadong, it is a well-known spot amongst locals and tourists. I have not seen many posts or blogs that talked about this beautiful hidden gem. Therefore, since the rise in popularity of crystals, I decided to write one about it!

It was founded by Choi Jeong-mi. She was enamored by the very first crystal she had found when she was young. Her fascination and love for crystals grew with her as she got older. Thanks to that, she was able to start Crystal Fantasy in 2013 as an online store. Finally, in 2014, Choi Jeong-mi opened her very first store in Insadong.

The Entryway of Crystal Fantasy

Upon entering the towering doorway, the energy of the store seemed calming. I’m unsure if it was because of the gigantic amethyst clusters by the door, but it might have been.

The store was immaculately styled with shelves filled with all kinds of precious gemstones. They had every color, type, shape, and size, with crystals ranging from blue lace agate, smoky quartz, selenite, and more.

Near the entrance, there are rows of boxes filled with various tumbled crystals. Also, the shelves showcased clusters, bracelets, necklaces, and more. They were all labeled in English and Korean. I found this to be accommodating for tourists and expats. I also found it to be a smart move in the way they decorated the store. By placing the tumbled crystals near the entrance, the colors and diversity of the crystals could be shown clearly.

My Experience at Crystal Fantasy

Tumbled Stones

As a crystal-holic, I made a beeline for the tumbled stones. I must have spent about five minutes ogling the shiny rocks before a sales assistant came up to me and offered me a basket. In English! That surprised me! She was friendly and her command of English was perfect. It was then that I noticed that almost all the employees there could speak English. Ten points to Crystal Fantasy!

My heart was thumping in my chest as I scoured the store. If you were there, you would have seen the obvious sparkles in my eyes beaming with excitement. Starting off the with tumbled stones, I had to go back and forth because I was super indecisive! I suggest making a list of the crystals you wish to purchase before going.

Crystal Fantasy Bracelets

After deciding on three small tumbled stones, I made my way over to the bracelets. They had quite a variety! From labradorite to unakite, black tourmaline to obsidian – every crystal imaginable! It was hard for me to choose, but luckily for me, they had an encyclopedia of crystals in English. You may ask the staff there for help as they speak English, however, I am the type who prefers to be left alone.

I finally chose two bracelets that I found would help with what I needed and decided to browse a little bit more before I ended my little shopping trip. Lo and behold, I found a piece that called out to me! It was hidden at the very back of a shelf. It was a raw piece of labradorite. I knew instantly that I had to get it. Without thinking, I grabbed the treasure and placed it into my little basket.

Points, Pendulums, and Earrings

Next, I wanted a pair of earrings. They were not the easiest to find, so I suggest asking the staff for help. I finally found them after searching on my own and fell in love with the first pair I found. The cut of the crystals was beautiful, and they were exactly what I was looking for.

I also scoped out some of the necklaces before I noticed that they had pendulums and crystal points! For all my fellow practitioners out there who are looking for crystal pendulums in Korea, I highly recommend going to Crystal Fantasy to get yours. Unfortunately for me, I would have gone past my budget if I had gotten a pendulum or a point.

My Purchases

Finally, with everything that I had found, I made my way to the cashier. My total came out to be around 45,000won. For seven items, I would call that a steal! They cleaned the stones and bracelets for me before handing them over. They also packaged them carefully, preventing any mishaps along my way back home. With a happy heart and satisfied smile, I exited the store and made my way back home. Now, it would not be complete if I did not show you what exactly I had purchased. So, here we go!

Blue Lace Agate, Aventurine, and Smoky Quartz

I purchased these three small crystals for different purposes. Starting with the smoky quartz, I wanted to place it in my room to remove any negative energy. I also placed it right above where I slept to prevent nightmares and help me ground myself. Plus, it is placed next to my raw labradorite, amethyst point, and black moonstone. As well as my tarot decks. Absolutely in love with the combination to be honest!

Next, I had to get the green aventurine for my prosperity altar. Green Aventurine is said to be the “Stone of Opportunities”. It is great for manifesting prosperity and is thought to be the luckiest of all crystals. So, obviously, I had to get one!

Blue Lace Agate was definitely worth every penny. It is known as a stone of communication. It helps with confidence and for our voices to be heard clearly. Blue lace agate is also a great calming stone. As someone who is stressed, frantic and low on confidence, I felt like this stone had helped me a lot in those aspects.

Raw Labradorite

Ah, yes. The hidden treasure I found at the very back of a shelf. I was surprised that no one had seen or found it. It’s pretty big! I got labradorite to help with mental clarity and transformation. Labradorite also helps with manifesting change and aids in intuition. It also helps to protect one’s aura and calms an overactive mind. I place it just above my sleeping space together with the rest of my crystals there.

Black Tourmaline and Carnelian Bracelets

My favorite of the two definitely has to be the black tourmaline. Black tourmaline is known for protection against negative energy and is grounding. It is also known to help one keep a cool head and relieve any feelings of worthlessness, anxiety and anger.

I also got a carnelian bracelet to help enhance self-esteem and confidence. It is also known to be a magnet for good luck and prosperity. More fortune and self-confidence are always welcomed!

Amethyst Earrings

They are a beautiful shade of purple, however, the picture above does not do them any justice! The moment I laid my eyes on these, my heart and mind were set. I had to get it! There were no buts or ifs or time for contemplation. They were the perfect size, shape, and cut. I had also wanted a pair of amethyst earrings anyway.

Amethyst is known to increase spiritual awareness, psychic abilities, balance and relieve stress. It also helps to reduce feelings of anxiety and irritability. Amethyst is also used for protection against all forms of harm; including electromagnetic stress and ill wishes from other people.

Final Thoughts on Crystal Fantasy

All in all, I enjoyed my time spent at Crystal Fantasy. The staff were accommodating and pleasant. They could speak English as well, which was a plus! The store is beautifully decorated and filled with all kinds of colorful and sparkly crystals. If you are someone who loves crystals as much as I do, please check them out!

Crystal Fantasy(크리스탈환타지)
Address: 17 Insadong-gil, Jongno-gu, Seoul
Korean Address: 서울 종로구 인사동길 17
Operating Hours: 10:00 AM - 08:00 PM

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