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Croffle, the trendiest desert in Seoul now

Croffle is the hit desert in Seoul right now. Korean cafes never fail to amaze with their creative deserts.

After the success of the Cronut (croissant + donut), pastry chefs have been looking for new ways to successfully merge croissants with other foods. This gave birth to the Croffle, a mix between a croissant and waffles. What more can I ask for?

It is made by placing rich buttery croissant pastries into a waffle iron for 4-5 minutes. The high impact of heat from the waffle iron makes the puff pastry crispier than when baked in a conventional oven.

It all started last summer when the desert was introduced in the café scene, making people line up to taste this delight.

‘Aufglet’ introduces the Croffle to Korea

Located in Geumho-dong, ‘AUFGLET’ was the first café to debut the Croffle in Korea. Their signature ‘Aufglet Croffle’ topped with homemade ice cream and sprinkled with cinnamon powder is famous for its airy crispiness and silken chewiness.

“Saddler Haus,” the never ending line

Saddler Haus opened in March 2020 with ‘French Croffle’ on the menu. And ever since it became all the rage as “Croffle café.” Lines form early, sometimes before opening hours at noon, and an early sellout might mean closing early. Croffle flavors include plain, basil, cheese, and corn; and according to house rules, no more than sixty corn Croffles can be made per day, and one corn Croffle sold per head.

After that many other places followed the trend and started to include it on their menu. You can now find it pretty much everywhere, even in Myeongdong as a street food:

Other recommended places:

Fickle Pickle

If like me you don’t like waiting in line and prefer to enjoy your desert with a view, I recommend this café located in Haebangchon. They serve the popular desert paired with an icecream on top~

And as a bonus you get the view on Namsan.

Hebe Coffee

I talked previously about this place on my guide to visiting Chungmuro.  This place has cute little croffles for a reasonable price, minus the crowd.

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