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Cover Contest to Win a Trip to South Korea

After the Covid-19 pandemic, which caused tourism in South Korea to be interrupted due to the closing of borders, the Korean government has come up with a lot of ideas for promoting tourism. Among those ideas, The Tourism Association of Korea is holding a contest focused on Kpop, specifically Kpop dancing and singing.


The idea is to engage as many people as possible so that the metaverse “kpopavatar” becomes a viral trend. Through this contest, those who like to dance and sing to kpop songs will have the opportunity to promote their videos and be shrunk into a kpopavatar to watch a kpop show directly from South Korea.

@fervegs LO LOGREEE!!! 💜😱 #Dive_into_Kpop_in_Korea #Kpop_Avatar_1001 #KTO ♬ original sound – Stan 🙂

If you don’t know how to dance or sing, you can also participate by making a creative video watching a kpop performance. Creativity is what counts. It’s your time to record a video doing or watching your favorite performances! It’s the perfect opportunity to get to know Korea and see your favorite groups up close.

@bertugaltn #dive_into_kpop_in_korea #kpop_avatar_1001 #kto ♬ orijinal ses – brtgaltn

Applications have been extended until November 10th.

In addition, 10 winners will get tickets to Korea to receive exclusive versions of their avatars.

How to participate

@visitkorea_ny #Dive_into_Kpop_in_Korea #Kpop_Avatar_Challenge #Kpop_Shortform_Challenge #visitkorea ♬ original sound – Korea Tourism Org NY

The contest is being run by TikTok and participating is very easy.

• Record a video of up to 15 seconds with some kind of K-pop interaction. It could be a record of you singing, dancing, or watching a performance as long as it includes some music.

  1. Post the video on TikTok with the tags: #Dive_Into_Kpop_in_Korea, #Kpop_Avatar_1001 and #KTO.
  2. Include a message in your video about your expectations of visiting South Korea.
  3. Carefully fill in the form available on the contest’s official website. Please note that only entries that include this step will be considered valid.

• Videos in MP4 format with 1920 x 1820 resolution are recommended.


@canal_da_omma 57 anos e completamente apaixonada pelo kpop e pela Coréia. Confiante com a possibilidade de conhecer meu Avatar. #dive_into_kpop_in_korea #kpop_avatar_1001 #KTO #korea #kpop ♬ som original – Suzy Omma Park

1001 winners will be chosen. 10 of the winners will be able to travel to South Korea to attend a k-pop award show and, of course, honor the display of the winners’ avatars at HiKR Ground.

Want to learn more about opportunities to win a free trip to Korea? Click Here to learn about an annual  Korean Literature Global Contest. Every summer contests are held for readers, artists, writers, and video creators.

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