Cosmetic Secret: Olive Young’s Seasonal Sales

Olive Young is one of the most well-known Korean brands. Unlike many other Korean brands that are famous abroad, this one is also famous among Koreans. In fact, it is the most common place where Koreans buy cosmetics they use on the daily. So, if you are looking for authentic Korean products at a good price, be sure to keep an eye out for Olive Young’s Seasonal Sales!

The Famous Olive Young

As soon as you enter an Olive Young, you will be surprised by the number of posters featuring really, really famous celebrities in Korea. It draws the attention of all the folks who get excited and mesmerized by their beauty. But, there are also practical reasons why Olive Young is so well-loved. 

One of these reasons is the price of the products. You will find a few things that are a little bit on the expensive side. However, most things placed on the shelves are a pretty fair price. 

Despite the low prices, it is safe to say that most brands sold at the chain are of really good quality. I personally take the famous artists working with them as a good sign. Why would SHINee’s Key want to be linked with a brand that could harm his image? When you are new to Korean cosmetics, it is really helpful to be guided by idols

Also, there’s an incredible variety. There is not one type of cosmetic I know that is not sold by the chain. And, even if there are few brands related to that product, you will find at least 2-3 options you can choose from. They even sell (great) earphones!!

Constant Sales

If you frequent Olive Young, you might’ve noticed the constant sales. It really seems like there is just one sale after another. When the discount is significant, it is usually because the product expiration date is approaching. However, that’s not usually the reason why products at this brand are on sale.

If you go to more than one store consecutively, you will notice that the products on sale are not the same. It is great if you like doing price research, you can find more products at a cheaper price and save much more! My thinking is, that constant sales are a marketing tactic that makes you buy more at a faster rate.

Olive Young’s Black Friday

As is common in almost every country around the world to see Black Friday sales. However, Olive Young puts a lot of stuff on sale in November for Black Friday. Following the rule of having different things with discounts in different stores, it is also interesting to check the website to see the variety the platform offers. 

What is less talked about is that the entire chain also has some type of Black Friday that happens four times a year! 

Let’s learn about it.

Olive Young’s Seasonal Sales

Adding to all of what was said above, the chain also has its own season to put products on sale. Or rather, seasons.

Every three months, Olive Young prepares a “sale festival”. Knowing that it happens at three-month intervals can help you to prepare your shopping list and save some money. So, if there are some Korean cosmetics you are planning on buying, hold off until the sale season begins! 

The sale starts with the new year, in January. The second one is in March, followed by June and August. Finally, the last seasonal sale is at the beginning of December. You can find pretty much everything at a better price: hair products, nail products, skincare, makeup, electronics… As long as it is a product sold by the franchise, it is likely to be on sale!


Since it is hard to find a place that sells so many cosmetics at a fair price, it is a great tip to keep an eye on the stores during those months. Especially if you are thinking of starting and/ or maintaining self-care with the so-famous Korean products.

With January approaching, it’s time to start thinking about your cosmetic and skincare shopping list for the new year! What will you get? Let us know in the comments below!

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