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Color Mania in Seoul

Want a pop of color in your life after a long exhausting week? Then Color Pool Museum in Insadong is definitely the place to go. Located in Insadong this place will surely knock your socks off with the extravagant color themed rooms with huge ball pits and watermelon swings. This is definitely the place yo go if you’re also hoping to get some vibrant pics for the gram.


The Color Pool Museum is located on the top floor of a huge shopping complex, Annyeong Insadong located in Insadong. Since the shopping mall has a very unique design you will surely not miss it while walking the streets of Insadong. Once you have entered the building just take the elevator to the floor labeled “Color pool Museum” and you’ll be there. As it is also located in Insadong, one of the hottest tourists spots among foreigners you will not have to worry about having nothing to do after your visit to the museum. Insadong is filled with tea houses, cozy cafes, and not to mention the antique shops.

Entrance & Tickets

Once you have taken the elevator to the top floor, you will see a doorway which is the entrance of the Color pool museum. Once you enter you will be able to see a counter on your left hand side. This is where you will be able to buy tickets for the entrance and also ask any questions you may have to the kind employee at the counter. You can buy your tickets online before going there through Klook and Seoul Pass., sc, u) { var s = d.createElement(sc), p = d.getElementsByTagName(sc)[0]; s.type = ‘text/javascript’; s.async = true; s.src = u; p.parentNode.insertBefore(s,p); })(document, ‘script’, ‘’)

Entrance fees

The entrance fee is around 15,000 won per person and only 12,000 won if you are a child between 24 months to 2 years old. The opening time is 10 am and the closing time is 9pm but the ticketing deadline is around 8.20 pm. However, I think that you would have enough time to enjoy yourselves if you visit 40 minutes before the closing time so it would be best if you visit a little earlier than that.

Color themed Rooms

There are 8 different themed rooms awaiting for you once you have purchased your ticket at the counter. The first room is a ginormous pink room with a ginormous pink ball pit. This is absolutely of of the most instagram-able locations I have ever been to. You can take off your shoes and just dive right into the ball pit. It is a great place to have ball wats with your friends or partner. There are also a few hoops on the wall so that you can try to shoot some hoops. You can even have a competition to see who manages to shoot the most shots. There is also a slide for you to be able to take a dive into the ball pits.

Story of Color Room and Color Boom Room

The next room is the Story of Color Room. It is the only room where you can read information of colors that we see in our every day life. This room is followed by one of the most fun rooms in the museum which is the Color Boom Room. In this room confetti is literally shot out from a machine and it makes for a great photo location.

Color Palette Wall, Unicorn floats and Disco Balls

Next we have Palette Wall. This room is so pretty as the walls are all different colors an would be another great instagram background. Next to this room is a pool party themed room with even more smaller ball pits. This room has giant unicorn pool floats with mini versions of ball pits. This room is so much fun to play around as you can even have ball fights while running around. However, don’t to put all the balls back in the ball pits. There are also a few disco balls hanging from the ceiling to give off the retro party vibe.

Pool party, Watermelon Swing and Donut Swing

The 7th room is a little bigger and has 3 stunning photo locations. The first one is a watermelon swing on top of a ball bit which is pretty cool as you will look like you are swinging on top of a huge watermelon in the pics. The next one is a colorful donut swing covered in sprinkles. You ca swing to your heart’s content and also makes a good stress reliever. The last one is another ball pit with a pool chair on top of it so you can pretend you are having a pool party with your friends. This room also has multi colored lights so the white balls in the ball pit look like they are changing colors.

Sparkling Garden

Last but certainly not least is the Sparkling Garden which is an outdoor room. It has a magnificent archway with colorful flowers and ribbons and is definitely a cheery way to end your visit at the Color Pool Museum. I assure you you will for sure have a blast and also have enough photos to fill up your gallery