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[Completed] SKIN & LAB

Skin&Lab is a Vegan and PETA(Cruelty Free) certified skincare brand. It has constantly researched to produce reliable products for its customers’ healthy and balanced skin condition. Skin&Lab tries to use nature derived ingredients and minimize the number of them not to irritate skins.


We Are Looking For

20 Influnecers

From the U.S/ Russia/ Vietnam/ Japan/ Malaysia

What We Offer

Porebarrier Cleansing Balm 100ml (Barter Collab)

What You Must Do

ONE Instagram Post w/ PHOTOS & Short VIDEO

  1. Sample the skincare item
  2. Take 5 PHOTOS & short VIDEO(S) of your face closed up with the item.
  3. Upload your review post on your Instagram FEED & STORY (You can use the same content)
  4. Tag [@skinnlab_global] on the first photo/video
  5. Add [Branded Content] label (Scroll down to see how to add)

Must Include Photos of:

  • “Your face closed up with the item”
  • “How to Use”
  • “Before/After” photos
  • “Texture of the item”
  • “Closed up photos of the item”

Requirements for Video

  • Must include “Your face closed up with the item”
  • Length: 20 sec – 60 sec
  • Without an app logo on the video.
  • Use a clean, bright(white) background.
  • Can be taken oiutdoors.
  • Example post:

How to Add Branded Content Label

When you upload your review on Instagram, please make sure to add “@koreabyme.influencers” to the Paid Partnership Label.

Hashtags to Add

#skinnlab #porebarrier #cleansingbalm #kbeauty #cleansing #porecare #makeup #makeupremover #bha #blackhead #hypoallergenic #cleanser

Must Mention below (in your native language)

  1. It will be available to buy on [ US soon ]
  2. Porebarrier Cleansing Balm is hypoallergenic, moist cleansing balm.
  3. It removes makeup very well and cleanses up the micro dust as well.
  4. 2nd generation BHA ingredient reduces skin irritation and is effective in removing dead skin, sebum, and blackheads.
  5. It is also safe to use for acne prone skin.
  6. It doesn’t affect on the duration of an eyelash extension.
  7. Completed Germany Derma test, eye irritation replacement test, UK Vegan certification.
  8. PETA(Cruelty Free) Certified Brand


2022/02/27 Sunday

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