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Coffee Bada: A Cup of Coffee In front of the Sea

Gangneung is a city that undoubtedly has become a popular destination among foreigners that live in South Korea. And one of the main reasons to that, is surely all its beautiful beaches. Where you can take a break from the busy life! In addition, the coffee culture of Gangneung stands out from other regions. So what is better than to mix the two best experiences you could have here into one? With that in mind, we will introduce you to ‘Coffee Bada’. A cafe where you can taste the iconic coffee of this area while enjoying the sea breeze.

Without further ado, let us introduce you this place!

A cup of coffee in front of the sea

As we mentioned before, Gangneung has its own definition of ‘Coffee culture’. Standing out from other regions. That is why they put a lot of effort in creating a unique environment in each of their coffee shops. And since it is a coastal city, it is not surprise that a lot of cafes take it as an advantage. Letting us have the best experience of coffee tasting while we immerse ourselves in the beauty of the blue sea.

‘Coffee Bada’ is one of the most popular cafes among others with sea view. And the reason for that, is because of the great scenario you have before your eyes! Since you get a panoramic view of the ocean, with no obstacles in front.


Although this cafe is on the expensive side, it is definitely worthy. Because they are not only selling what you will eat, but also the fancy experience to enjoy your food in front the sea.

From coffee to desserts, your mouth will water when you read all the things they offer.

What I liked the most, is that some desserts include ice cream. And they let you choose 2 flavors. But if you just want to eat ice cream by itself, you can still order!

They also sell cookies and fruits. And I must say that all cookies seemed to be really good!



From the outside, you would think it is just a basic cafe with not much decor. Due to how simple it looks. Actually, it makes me think that the theme would be ‘Surfing’. Because of that classic font and dark wood.


But once you enter, things start to get interesting. Since as soon as you step in, you will be impressed on how large is the hall before getting to the actual cafe. Something contrary as how it looks from the outside. Anyone would think it is just a small place and not as big as it actually is.

The first area you will come across, is a room where you get a beautiful view of the sea.

Which is perfect for those who do not want to eat outside but still want to have a good view. And most importantly, for those who prefer smaller places. As the main area of the cafe is actually quite big.

Then, you will see the main area of the cafe. Which in my opinion it is the best to stay!

But if you prefer to just eat at other zone, you can just prepare your coffee over here. Before moving to other place.

The reason to why I liked it the most, is because of the natural sunlight. Which illuminates the whole place. In comparison to the other room, I believe this area gives a more cheerful vibe. While the other looks a bit darker. Since there is a hall before the bay window. Not allowing the light to spread as beautifully as here.

As I mentioned before, there is plenty of seats. So you do not have to worry about it getting full of people.

Unless you really want to sit in front of the window. If that is the case, I advise you to come early. Since a lot of people want to eat right on these tables. I mean, who would not? You have the best view over here!

A detail I really liked, is that they have chargers of different phones in case you run out of battery. Perfect for those you want to take pictures and are left with no battery.


The exterior is the highlight of this place. Because indeed, there is nothing better than to drink some coffee while looking at the calm waves. For sure, it is relaxing.

In fact, this is the reason why this cafe became popular among instagrammers. A lot of them, come just to take the perfect picture. So do not miss the chance to take a photo as well! The most iconic spot is at the right corner. You can get to see people lining up just to take a pic there.

However, you need to be careful with your belongings. Because if your phone or any small item falls, it can end up in the water. As the floor is not completely closed.

In case that you do not like to be near the waves, there is another zone where you can calmly sit. But there is no ceiling at all.


As for the food, I ordered a waffle with ice cream and a vanilla latte.

Ice cream waffle

As I mentioned before, they let you choose 2 flavors of ice cream when you order this dessert. So I chose cookies and cream, and vanilla. Which got covered with chocolate syrup. Plus, they put some whipping cream. Perfect for those who love sweetness!

Honestly it was bigger than expected. So I would recommend this to share with a friend. Because it is a bit hard to finish it alone. Especially if you get sick of sweet flavor very fast.

Vanilla Latte

It tasted just as any other vanilla latte. But what I really liked, is that the level of sweetness was perfect. So it was not a terrible combination to the dessert.

Overall, it was a great breakfast for me. Although it was indeed very pricey. But I still enjoyed because of the atmosphere of this place.


Address: 1822 Haean-ro, Jumunjin-eup, Gangneung-si, Gangwon-do
Operating Hours: 10:00 - 22:00 everyday
Website: Instagram

Final Thoughts

In Coffee Bada you can for sure have the best experience of coffee culture in Gangneung. As you can eat with a great sea view before your eyes. So do not miss your chance to visit it!

Have you been to Coffee Bada? What did you think? Let us know in the comments below.

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