Coex, Mall or Library?

Do you like books? or maybe you are more into Instagrammable places? Do you prefer window shopping in mall? Pin Coex Mall in your plan to go.


Coex Mall

Coex Mall, the largest underground shopping centre in Asia. If you were thinking of skipping Gangnam district and sticking to the historical village of Bukchon, think again. Gangnam’s modern and innovative experience like what’s in Coex Mall will take your breath away.

What’s interesting that you need to put this place in your travel itinerary because Coex Mall not only has your usual international and domestic stores and dining amenities, it also has a massive aquarium over 40,000 sea creatures. If that does not impress you enough, you need to see their other grand project, the Starfield Library, which is a massive library in a mall!

The Library at a glance

As matter of fact, the mall is hard to miss. It is located in the heart of the Gangnam District which I am pretty sure we all heard the song that hit once, Gangnam Style. It is a district in Seoul that is considered the Beverly Hills of South Korea. Coex Mall is so big and even you are bound to get lost or have a difficult time finding one of the many entrances. What the most interesting to visit is, of course, the Starfield Library.

Starfield Library

Starfield Library is a home to more than 50,000 books and magazines adorning the two-story library and 13meter tall giant bookshelf that took me until then to figure out how to pick up the book sitting on the top shelves. You might need to take an escalator up the entire side of the bookcase that wraps around the wall to see it all. From my personal observation, majority of the books are in Korean, but you can easily find a few English books if you ask at one of the information counters.

Starfield Library

Apart from the Starfield Library’s book and magazines collection, there are also ample seating spaces for those who want to study and do research. Furthermore, they also have an updated e-book system that is not just useful to locals, but tourists as well. There are also monthly cultural events and performances in the library as there are small space of stages presented in the middle of the library.

Starfield Library

Starfield Library caught up the attention even more tourists because of its refreshing design. In the morning, natural light from the outside can helps in lighting the library. Besides, some of the books installed also have quirky paintings. The bookshelf installed also looked traditional with the wooden shelves yet modern because of the automated technology. This what’s makes the library can be aesthetic to Instagram users. You can stay here all day after taking a bunch of photos which is impossible to resist since it is such a cozy place to stay and rest.  With popular amenities such as free Wi-Fi, air conditioning and plenty of power outlets, expect to find as many indulgent selfie-takers as you do serious readers.

How to Get There

In addition, it is also easy to reach. The most convenient way to reach the Starfield Library is by taking the subway line number 2 (Green). You can get off at Samseong Station and exit at gate number 6. This will take you directly to the Starfield Coex Mall. Since the subway is connected to the Coex Mall, it is really friendly and convenient to reach the impressive place.  I bet you don’t want to miss this fine library!

🇲🇾 Syed Ahmad Nabil

Syed Ahmad Nabil, an ungraduate student in Sungkyunkwan University. Came all the way from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and enjoys travelling and photography literally pretty much.