COEX Aquarium

Summer is finally here and this is when the monsoon season kicks in! Are you still wondering what to do on a rainy day in Seoul? Here is an awesome indoor activity for you! When it rains, I think visiting an indoor aquarium is a good idea, isn’t it? Today, I would like to recommend a huge aquarium in Seoul. Keep scrolling down to find out more information about the COEX Aquarium in Gangnam, Seoul!

About the COEX Aquarium

COEX Aquarium is located inside the COEX mall and is one of the largest aquariums in Korea, featuring over 40000 creatures and 650 species. The COEX Aquarium features 90 exhibition tanks grouped in 14 “discovery zones” including 6 themed areas.

The theme zones

The theme zones include the Rainbow Lounge, Woori Woori Fish, Korea Hospital, Imagination Fish Contry, Amazonia World, Marine Touch Research Institute, Mangrove and beach, Coral Museum, Sea kingdom, Beautiful Marine Village, Deep Blue Square, Submarine Tunnel, Deep Sea Garden, Penguin’s Dream Garden and finally the gift shop. Visitors can experience the perfect harmony between nature, environment and people here.

What is so special here?

It is worth mentioning that the COEX Aquarium is the largest shark habitat in Korea. The aquarium is home to over 110 sharks of 17 species. Besides, the COEX Aquarium also homes a very rare and endangered species, the herbivorous manatee which is also known as the legendary mermaid of the sea.

In COEX Aquarium, you can see all sorts of marine life in the tanks. You can see from the creatures of childhood memories to the deep sea creatures like giant spider crab.

Here, you can find the sea creatures in various types of unique aquariums, including a traffic light, vending machine and even a toilet bowl. How creative the aquariums are! The aquarium seems to focus on entertaining kids as the interior is full of cartoon characters and vibrant colors. I think children would enjoy it very much.

In addition to fish, visitors can meet other local animals such as birds, otters, and even penguins in the exhibition area.

The layout and design of each area is very easy to look around. The interior decoration was impressive as well. The mangrove area is even filled with waterfall, bird sounds and thick fog.

Highlight – The Submarine Tunnel

If I need to pick my favorite part of the visit, I would say it is the Submarine Tunnel. It is an acrylic tank containing 2000 tons of water. It was truly amazing to see huge ocean creatures like sharks, sting rays and turtles swimming in all direction (even above your head!). The tunnel surrounds you on the slow-moving walking escalator. Be sure to bring a camera so that you will not miss the chance to take pictures with a shark at this popular spot.

There is also a theme zone called Marine Touch Lab. This place provides an interactive experience. You can touch some sea creatures like star fish, sea slugs and sea cucumbers if you dare enough to do that. To my surprise, the star fish gives a really rough touch.

The doctor fish aquarium is the most unforgettable experience for me. You got a chance to put your hands in the small aquarium and the fishes will gather around your hands. These fishes clean the skin as well as providing massage on your fingers. It tickled a lot! And yes, I laughed, especially when the fishes were biting between my nails.

Souvenir shop

Before leaving, you can find a souvenir shop to bring some memories home!
One of my friends said that the way I smile looks like a shark. Do I?

Overall Experience

In short, I really enjoyed spending my time there. It took me around three hours to explore the whole aquarium. Moreover, the staff was polite and very helpful. The exhibition area was clean, spacious and well-organised, providing a good experience to tourists. I would highly recommend this place for families with kids! It will be an excellent educational visit for the kids to learn more about marine creatures. The kids will love it!

Operating hours
The COEX Aquarium operates from 10:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. all year round. Do note that the last admission is an hour before closing.

Admission Fee

  • Individual: Adult/ Youth 28000 won Children 24000 won
  • Disabled: Adult/ Youth 19500 won Children 16500 won

How to get there?

By subway

  • Walk out from Samseong Station (Subway Line 2, Exit 5). The COEX Aquarium is 10 minutes walking distance from the station.
  • Walk out from Cheongdam Station (Subway Line 7, Exit 2). The COEX Aquarium is 15 minutes walking distance from the station.
  • Walk out from Bongeunsa Station (Subway Line 9, Exit 7). The COEX Aquarium is 3 minutes walking distance from the station.

By bus

  • Bongeunsa Asem Center (23-191) 342 / 640 / 3411 / 3412
  • Bongeunsa Asem Center (23-190) 342 / 640 / 3412 / 4431
  • Bongeunsa Asem Center (23-189) / Samsung Public Security Center (23-192) 9407 / 9507 / 9607 / 143 / 146 / 301 / 362 / 401/2413 / 2415 / 3217 / 3414 / 4318
  • Korea Trade Center (23-198) Gangnam 01 / Gangnam 06 / 9407 / 9414 / 9507 / 9607 / 146 / 301 / 342 / 362 / 401 / 2415 / 3217 / 3411 / 3412 / 3414
  • Address: 513 Yeongdong-daero (COEX), Gangnam-gu, Seoul
  • Website:

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