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China’s Favorite Korean Contact Lenses: Hapa Kristin

Fledgling contact lens brand Hapa Kristin is trending! Not only has the brand been trending in Korea but internationally as well – especially in China. With a range of subtle colors they offer their cult-like following a gentle, natural look.

Introduction to Hapa Kristin

Hapa Kristin’s contact lenses are a work of art. All of their colors look extremely natural. Which, is a rarity in Korea, even given the relatively large colored contact lens market here. With such unique colors, they have started to draw a loyal fanbase even though they are less established than other brands. 

Buying the Lenses in Korea

Hapa Kristin’s website operates on quite a unique system. Unlike other popular brands like Olens and Lens Town, they do not have their own offline stores.

Instead, they have joined up with regular optical shops all around Seoul. As a result, all you have to do to buy your own Hapa Kristen lenses is place an order online and then pick it up in person from a optical shop of your choosing. It’s a system that combines the benefits of online and offline shopping all while adhering to Korea’s regulations (it is not legal to order contact lenses directly online).

Here are some of my picks from Hapa Kristin’s existing lens selection. All are sure to bring an extra glint in your eye and help elevate your look. 

Secretive Hapa Kristin 

The Secretive Kristin line is Hapa Kristin’s main two-toned line. The lenses feature a subtle gradient that can make the wearer’s eyes look like they’re watery and glowing. The look is thanks to the light part of the lens.

These particular lenses are the most popular on Chinese platform Xiaohongshu. Which, is notable for housing possibly the largest online beauty community in China.

This line comes in three different colors – Olive, Black, and Brown. Brown is recommended for a more innocent, everyday look. Olive helps create an exotic and otherworldly look. And for those who’d like to add depth and chicness to their look, Black is a good choice, and will look fairly natural too. 

The Secretive Kristin line also comes in a Plus version, with a larger diameter. Those who prefer large contact lenses will surely spring for this version. It creates the illusion of bigger, doe-like eyes. There is also a Basic version, with a smaller diameter – perfect for more natural looks. 

See-through Kristin

Hapa Kristin’s newest offering is the See-through Kristin line. The line is aptly named after the subtle graphics used in the lenses. The lenses don’t have any harsh lines or obvious borders in them. This allows for the color of the graphic to blend in better with the wearer’s natural eye color.

It’s really difficult to tell when someone is wearing these contact lenses. It currently comes in two colors – Ash Brown and Brown. Ash Brown is the cooler of the two. It gives off a more unique look. Whereas Brown lends a gentler, softer look to the wearer while brightening up the eye area as a whole.

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