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Children’s Grand Park 어린이 대공원

It is a huge park with variety of attractions for you & your family or friends! Children’s Grand Park is a park complex in Gwangjin-gu, Seoul. The grand park offers an amusement park, a zoo, hills and hiking trails and a beautiful garden. And 62% of the park’s total area 53,000 sq. meters is filled with greenery and various facilities. 

One of the world’s best Children’s Grand Park 

Seoul Children’s Grand Park is designated as an educational experience place by Seoul Metropolitan Office of Education. And this place is for various educational programs for children. The park started running during Children’s day in 1973. Hence, the park is full of attractions that are all youngster friendly. 

Interesting history 

A little fun history fact is that Seoul Children’s Grand Park was originally the royal tomb for Myeong Seong Hwang Hu. She was the Queen of the last King, Sunjong, of the Greater Korean Empire. In 1926, the tomb was moved to Yangju-gun (currently Namyangju City) in Gyeongi Province when King Sunjong died. In 1970, by order of President Park Chung-hee, construction of the park started and opened the following year. In this post, I will be talking more about the  types of rides there is! 

The amusement park 

The amusement park has multiple rides. Such as roller coasters, bumper cars, a viking ride and many more. And the best part of all, they are all children friendly and fun for adults too! 

Let’s see what kind of rides do they offer there. 


First, we have this thrilling roller coaster. And it looks designed well with a finish touch of blue and yellow paint. 

It was actually faster than I expected. I was 19 when I rode that and it felt like a normal roller coaster you would ride at other amusement parks. I was quite surprised seeing kids younger than me taking the ride well. I was holding on to dear life during the whole ride. It is a good roller coaster adrenaline rush for kids, and even adults! If you don’t take roller coasters well as an adult, you will be able to handle this roller coaster ride at the Children’s Grand Park.

Spinning Giant Tree

Next, we have a spinning giant tree!

This is one of the chill rides. You can find this at almost every amusement park. However, I have to add though, if you don’t take spinning rides well and can get dizzy easily, this would not be a good choice for you. Since the tree diameter isn’t that big, the spinning gets quite dizzy.

The drop ride

The next ride, is a drop ride. If you have been to the Lotte World amusement park, you probably know the ride Gyro Drop. The kind of ride that ascends you as high as it can go, then drops when you least expect it. This ride is similar to that, but less extreme. If you can’t get yourself to ride the Gyro Drop at Lotte World, it is a good idea to start with this one at the Children Grand’s Park.

It goes up to an appropriate height suitable for kids. Besides that, the ride itself takes less than 7 minutes!

The Viking

Behold, we have the viking. This ride is actually more extreme than you would think. Don’t let the cheerfully decorated viking fool you. This viking is actually pretty subtle compared to other viking rides at other amusement parks. However, it is still doing its job of giving you the adrenaline rush without going too far over the top. Personally for me and a few of my friends the ride gives us a headache. Of course, this varies for different people! 

Pro tips – If you want to enjoy more of the adventure on the viking, sit at the very back. If you want to take it easy, sit somewhere in the middle. 

Sky Train 

They have this ride the ‘Sky Train’. As the name itself explains, a train operates in the sky which is different from the underground subways in Korea. This ride is of course more relaxed. You can make this your last ride and enjoy the view of the park after a long day with all the other exhilarating rides!

Besides all the rides above, they also have bumper cars, and many other rides!


Address: 216, Neungdong-ro, Gwangjin-gu, Seoul
서울특별시 광진구 능동로 216 (능동)

Homepage: (Korean, English)

Operating hours 

  • Weekdays: 10am – 6pm 
  • Weekends: 10am – 6.30 pm 


The tickets vary according to the amount of rides you take or you can choose the whole day ticket. 

  • Whole day ticket (all rides): 27,000won (adults), 23,000won (teenagers & kids)
  • 5 rides: 19,000won (adults), 16,000 (teenagers & kids)
  • 1 ride: 5,000 (adults), 4,000 (teenagers), 3,500 (kids)
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