Children’s Day in South Korea: Festive of childhood

Children’s Day or 어린이날 observed as one of South Korea’s most important national holidays. This day highlights the dignity of children and their need for love, care, and respect. It is also a day to honor adults that have contributed to improving the lives of children.

This post is all about the background history and facts of Children’s day you need to know. Also about how this joyous Korean holiday observed in Korea.

What is Children’s Day in South Korea?

Children’s Day is a day for South Korea to celebrate its most adored citizens: children. Since it’s a national holiday so parents get chance to relax from their hectic schedules and enjoy quality time with their children.

What is the date of Children’s Day each year?

Children’s Day observed on May 5th in South Korea. This date, 5/5, has a symmetry to it that makes it easy for people to remember.

The History of Children’s Day in South Korea

Dating back to the 1920s, people used to unconcerned about children’s rights or their role in society, which resulted in many Koreans missing out on a happy childhood. Bang Jeong-hwan, a writer, recognized this and set out to make a meaningful difference in the lives of children. As a result, he worked to form a number of organizations to aid in the improvement of children’s lives and the promotion of their rights.

Children’s Day initially scheduled for May 1st, but due to Labor Day, it postponed to May 5th. In the 1970s, the day declared a national holiday. Since then, Koreans have been enjoying a day off on May 5th.

How Children’s Day Celebrate in South Korea

Owing to the fact that many parents in Korea don’t get much time with their children due to overtime or weekend jobs, many families make an extra effort to do something special on this Day. In South Korea, Children’s Day comes in May, which normally means that the weather will be pleasant for outdoor activities, as it will be warm but not oppressively so.

On this day, parents try to have a full day of fun with their child or children. Many children enjoy visiting a zoo, 동물원 (dongmurwon) and an amusement park, 놀이공원 (norigongwon). Parents will sometimes take their children out to a nice restaurant for a meal or for a casual picnic lunch.

Zoo (dongmulwon | 동물원)

A visit to the zoo is also a common activity in Korea on Children’s Day. Zoos can found in a number of South Korean cities. Seoul has two zoos: the main zoo in Seoul Grand Park (Daegongwon | 대공원) and a smaller zoo near Konkuk University in northeast Seoul called Children’s Grand Park ( Eorinidaegongwon | 어린이대공원).

Source: Wikipedia

Amusement Parks (noligongwon | 놀이공원)

On Children’s Day, going to an amusement park is a common activity. Lotte World and Everland are two of Korea’s most famous amusement parks.

Lotte World situated near the Jamsil subway station, and half of the amusement park is indoors, making it a nice option for rainy days. In addition to an indoor ice rink, the amusement park has a department store and a huge mall. Another amusement park near Seoul is Seoul Land. It is located near Seoul Zoo at Gwacheon’s Seoul Grand Park (daegongwon | 대공원) subway station.

Source: Lotte world

Everland is a theme park in Yongin, South Korea. It is accessible through the “Everline” monorail, which links the park to the Seoul subway system. Taking an express bus to the park, on the other hand, could be faster. Inside its vast grounds, Everland has a zoo, a safari park, and numerous rides (noligigu | 놀이기구) and rollercoasters.

Source: Everland

Picnics (sopung | 소풍)

Picnicking is another common pastime. On Children’s Day, the parks along the Han River likely packed with families. People will put up a small tent to rest in the shade and enjoy snacks while children fly kites or ride bikes. Snacks can purchased at a number of convenience stores along the river.

Image by lindsrw from Pixabay

Furthermore, parents usually give their children a (eorininal seonmul), or “gift for Children’s Day.” Simple toys, special treats like cookies or crackers, and other items were popular gifts in the past. Today, however, an increasing number of children request items such as iPads or iPhones.

Last Note

We hope you enjoyed learning about Children’s Day in South Korea with us and gained some useful knowledge as a result.

Is your country celebrate Children’s Day? If that’s the case, how do people celebrate it? We want to hear from you in the comments section!

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