Cheongnyangni Fruit and Vegetable market

Cheongnyangni fruit and Vegetable Market is located in the Dongdaemun area of Seoul near Jegi-dong.

It is one of the best places for fresh vegetables in the city. The market is open for most of the day and always has great deals when it comes to vegetables such as cabbages, tomatoes, eggplants, and peppers. The produce here is so much cheaper than those in other markets in Seoul.

The market is virtually tourist free; it does not seem to be known to foreigners as I found I and my companion to be the only foreigners wandering the stalls.

What to expect in Cheongnyangni Fruit and Vegetable market?

Cheongnyangi is known for fruits and vegetable market but has a variety of products including fish, meat, dried goods, medicine and much more!  

The streets are filled with shops with wonderfully oriental ingredients such as, deer antlers, turtle shells and even dried lizards.

On the food market side, you’ll find stall of the freshest variety of fruits, vegetables such as Kale, spinach, bell pepper, paprika, tomato, mushrooms cucumber and lots more.

Not to forget the fruits section which occupies a wide section of the market. You find fruits like Persimmon, Avocado, Pineapples, Banana Apples, and Pomegranates. Imagine, the joy on my face when I go to find that out!

Farther to the west, there is an Ajumma selling chicken, this is one of my favorites as you can get 3 huge full chicken for only 10,000 won.

Talk about saving cost, Cheongnyangni market comes to mind.

Chick peas, black mung beans, Adzuki beans, and kidney beans are some of the dried foods you can find. I didn’t know there were variety of the Adzuki beans. I got to find out here that the Korean variety was way more expensive than the Chinese variety.

The stall owners are very friendly and are more than willing to help you out with anything. Not everyone is fluent in English but if you are patient and friendly, you can get great bargains. Translation apps are helpful when it comes to situations like these.

One of such friendly stall owners is the man who sells dried anchovies and other dried fish species. I also get a good bargain every time I stop by.

If you are a nut lover, you are in lucky. Depending on where you come in from, down the other end close to the meat seller, there is stall that sell fresh nuts in affordable prices. You will also find a lot of snacks to purchase from him.

Prices of some food:

A carton of kale – 7,000 won
A cartoon of Spinach – 6,000 won
A carton of anchovy – 17,000 won
A kilo of beans – 2,500 won
A kilo of almond nuts – 9,000 won

Cheongnyangi has some of the best prices I have found at markets in Seoul unlike other markets in the city.  Bargaining is totally acceptable

How Do I get to there?

Take the subway blue line , stop at Cheongnyangni Station Line 1:  Exit 1 and 2.  When you come out from the subway station you will see the large gates for the sections of the market surrounding you. The market isn’t hard to locate as some vendors extend to the streets.

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