Cheongdam-dong hot FLAGSHIPS street for architecture and photography lovers.


Cheongdam-dong is the fanciest area of Seoul but also an upmarket shopping area. This area has a unique fashion street that always reminds me of Les Champs Elysée of Paris. What makes this street more attractive are the unique flasghips of luxury fashion brands that you can observe along a very rich street. If you enjoy photography and architecture this street is the place to go.

Louis Vuitton flagship


Louis Vuitton flagship has opened not long time ago in the Cheongdam-dong fashion street. Probably this is the most extravagant and attractive flagship that I saw so far in the area.

Luis Vuitton flagship is designed by the famous architect Frank Guery who tried to mix elements of the Korean culture and architecture .The store exterior is a curved glass structure that can be captured beautifully from diffrent angles.


This fashion flagship looks really nice at night as well, hence it is perfect for night photography.

Christian Dior flagship

The Chritian Dior flagship is a very elegant building in the Chaeongdam street. The architect Portzamparc designed this store In 2011 and he wanted to represent the brand in the best way possible. Hence, he conceived a flowing white surface like the couturier’s soft fabric.


This flagship is very pleasant to look at, but especially very elegant and instragammable. If you are a photographer I am sure that you will enjoy capturing this architecture work.

Phillip Lim flagship

SOURCE:cool hunting

The Phillim Lim flagship is less extravagant than the previous buildings but has many unique features. The work here displays a simple and minimalistic architecture from the exterior and a playful one in the interior.

People who enjoy minimalistic architecture and photography will definietly appreciate this piece of work.

The 0914 Flagship

This flagship is not located on the main street but somewhere behind it which will give you a great chance to stroll around and discover the other hidden places.


The 0914 looks more familiar and not very extravagant as the previous ones . It has a three dimension interesting facade that I really admire whenever I pass by.


The 0914 flagship in Cheongdam-dong has many spaces to enjoy such as  shops, café , restaurant and art galleries.

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