Cheonan Traditional Market Snack Recommendations

If you are a foreigner living in South Korea, I’m sure you’ve been to a traditional market. It is the cheapest place to buy veggies and fruits after all. But, there are so many interesting things that can be done at traditional markets besides buying vegetables and household goods. Personally, I love snacking at traditional Markets. This is because a lot of snacks are sold in the market at affordable prices. So, without further ado, here are 4 snacks you should try at Cheonan Traditional Market.

About Cheonan Traditional Market (Cheonan Jungang Market)

There are a lot of traditional markets which have become ‘food tour’ destinations in South Korea. Some famous ones are spots like Gwangjang Market in Seoul and Seomun Market in Daegu. There are people who come to shop, but there are also those who come just to taste the market snacks. I am the later. I lived in Cheonan until spring of 2022, so I hope that my article can be helpful for the one who lives in Cheonan or wants to have a trip there.

Cheonan Traditional Market, or Cheonan Jungang Market, was established in the city of Cheonan, South Chungcheong province in 1918. Cheonan Traditional Market was the largest commercial district at that time and was opened 5 days a week. Cheonan Traditional Market is located close to Cheonan Station which connects the Gyeongbu Line, Honam Line, and Janghang Line.


The thing that cannot be separated from traditional markets is classic Korean snack food. Bunsik(분식) is perfect to fill your rumbling stomach. These traditional Korean snacks have a homey feel and can really be a meal in themselves.

We may find tteokbokki (떡볶이), odeng (오댕), sundae (순대), deep-fried dishes (튀김), etc composing bunsik. It’s a Korean food classification of its own that can be found in every traditional market. Every time you walk into a market, these bunsik shops will be very easy to find. Normally they are right by the entrance. If one food store is full of customers, there is no need to wait because you can go to another store.

Pyeongyang Cold Noodles

There are various restaurants serving heavy food menus in this market. However, I would like to recommend one of the famous restaurants in Cheonan Market, namely Pyongyang Cold Noodles. The word ‘Pyongyang’ is the name of the capital of North Korea, so the taste of these noodles is slightly different from South Korean cold noodles.

At Pyeongyang cold noodle shops, you can normally find two options. There are cold buckwheat noodles (물냉면) and Spicy Buckwheat Noodles (비빔냉면). Both of these foods are cold noodles. The difference is that mul-naengmyeon is watery cold noodles, while bibim-naengmyeon is cold noodles with red sauce. Honestly, for Indonesian tongues, it might feel weird to eat cold food – especially noodles! I personally recommend the Spicy Buckwheat Noodles (bibim naengmyeon), even though they are cold, they have a sweet and spicy Korean gochujang taste.


The Korean market snacks that are most interesting at Cheonan Traditional Market are sweet foods. I recommend stopping by Waffle No.48. This store sells a variety of waffles from sweet to salty.  The one which became famous among the people of Cheonan is ‘waffle cheese corn’, which is a waffle filled with cheese and corn. I dared to try this salty waffle. Besides ‘waffle cheese corn’ I also bought a sweet waffle which was the ‘chocolate banana waffle’

So, this is my review. I love the taste of sweet waffles, the banana and chocolate combo was perfect. But the salty cheese corn waffle doesn’t suit my taste. Maybe it’s because I’ve only tried waffles with a sweet taste. However, it’s up to your taste so, find your favorite waffle in the Waffle no.48!

By the way, Waffle no.48 is a stand in the middle of the market, so they don’t have a place to sit.

Fried Twisty Bread

Many friends who live in Korea probably know this snack. Twisty bread can be found on every Korean street. You can see it in markets, subways, or even in roadside shops. These snacks are also sold at Cheonan Traditional Market, and I recommend trying them or taking a few home.

I felt full but still wanted to try other market snacks. So I ordered these twisty breads to take home. Twisty bread or ‘kkwabaegi’ (꽈배기) can be eaten with a sprinkle of sugar. I personally prefer bread that has been sprinkled with sugar so that there is a sweet taste in every bite.

So there were a few recommendations for market snacks found in my neighborhood at Cheonan Traditional Market, how about the traditional market in the area where you live?

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