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Cheaper Trains to Travel Another City

When we think about traveling between cities, KTX is in fact the first train to come to our minds. Since it is the most famous train in South Korea. But did you know that there are more low priced options than this one? Mugunghwa and ITX are these cheaper trains that you can use to travel another city in a budget.


Yes, as you heard KTX is not your only option. Yet it is the most known.

For now, we will introduce you to these trains. That are mostly used by locals. And even if these are not as fancy as KTX, they still have a good quality and service. Now, grab your luggages! We are about to start.

Economize your trip!

Being able to travel requires a lot of sacrifices. Such as having to save a lot of money to make it happen. Which no matter how much you save, it is never enough. Since money flies away quickly.


To prevent being broke during your trip, you must become thrifty! And with this in mind, we have prepared this list of cheaper trains that you can use to travel another city. Without having to spending a crazy amount of cash on KTX.

Mugunghwa (무궁화)

This is definitely the cheapest option! But the fact that it is low priced, it does not mean that it is bad. If you do not care much about little details, then this train is a good option for you.

The only downside could be that it is pretty slow. So be prepared to have a long trip!

Look for your door

Before starting with the review, we wanted to remind you that you must go to the door that the ticket says. Because these trains, do not wait for passengers. When it is time to leave, they leave.

With this in mind, you need to be in advance at the boarding area. If not, you will be in high risk of missing it.

At the end of the article, we will leave you a little guide on how to use the trains.


Even though at a first glance they seem to be old, they are actually comfortable! As I know, there is a section that has refurbished seats. And other with regular ones.

The seats I got, were well padded. Plus they are reclining! So you can have a nice nap.

The space between your legs and the seat in front was wide. I never felt cramped even though I am pretty tall. Plus there is a footrest. So you can stretch your legs.


Sometimes they put some magazines in the seats so you can entertain yourself. However, these are in korean. You have your own reading lights as well. And your curtain in case that you do not want to see outside. Beside of it, there is a hanger. Where you can put your bag.

It is worth to mention that the ventilation of this train is not the best.

The train has a compartment to put the suitcases as well. Yet it is not big enough. Of course, it has restrooms. And even vending machines! In case you feel like drinking something.

A downside is that it does not have wifi. Which is expected. Since it is the cheapest train.

ITX 새마을

This train is my favorite! We could say that it is a middle class. It is not as expensive as KTX, but also not as cheap as Mugunghwa. But it surely is an upgrade to Mugunghwa.

Even from the outside, you can see these are less old.


Get ready to set up your alarm! Because once you lay in these seats, you will instantly feel like sleeping. Because of how comfortable they are. Plus the space for your legs is wider than the one of Mugunghwa. Which means that you can stretch out as much as you want.


What I like the most is that each seat has a neck pillow. Which lets you rest better. In addition, there are some magazines that you can read. Although these are in korean.


Just as the Mugunghwa train, there are power outlets in the first row. Where you can charge your phone. You have your own reading lights and hanger as well. So as a footrest.

But what makes it feel fancier is the fact that you have a table to eat. And also that there is a screen where you can read at which stop you are.

There is a compartment for luggages as well. Which is at the back of the seats.

There is a room for the moms to change their babies’ diapers.

And of course, restrooms.

Just like any other trains, there is also a vending machine.

You can feel that it is an upgrade when you go out the hall. Because the space of the waiting area ㅡ before getting off ㅡ is wider.

Price Comparison

The price difference is not that much. So I recommend you to upgrade if you can.

In this case, I went from Nonsan to Daejeon. And since the distance is short, the price was insanely cheap.

How can I use the trains?

If you want to learn how to use them, we recommend you to read the following article.


These trains are indeed cheaper options to travel to another city. But the fact that these are cheap, does not mean that the quality is bad. What do you think? Let us know in the comments!

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