Calling All Red Bean Lovers- JeokDang

I love red beans. Not only they are good for health in a variety of ways, but they also taste delicious! Red beans’ high sugar content makes them excellent ingredients for making sweet dishes. Red beans have been used in Korean cuisine to cook with rice and porridge, as well as desserts such as pastries and rice cakes. Today, I am going to introduce you guys to a coffee shop that sells a wide variety of red bean delicacies- JeokDang (적당).

JeokDang (적당)

JeokDang is a cafe located in Euljiro specializing in red bean delicacies. Located right above Arc n Book, the exterior of the cafe is decorated with shelves of books.

As soon as I stepped into the cafe, I was drawn to the calm and peaceful atmosphere. The marble and white background pair beautifully together, creating a luxurious and elegant aesthetic.

The other side of the cafe features greenery and dark wood furniture that make the space come to life. I really love the way the bright entrance area flawlessly transitions into a heavier and more authentic atmosphere.

The Menu

From beverages like hot coffee, tea, milk, and ade, to desserts like sweet jellies, delicious pastries, and ice creams, JeokDang offers various options to satisfy your palate!

The price for the beverages ranges between 5000 won and 7000 won which is considered a good value for its quality. Meanwhile, the price of the desserts varies by type.

What makes JeokDang stands out is that JeokDang offers a huge selection of tastes for their yanggaeng.

Unique flavors like muscovado, orang, raspberry and pistachio sweet jelly can be found here!

We ordered a cup of hot red bean tea, cold red bean latte, green tea yanggaeng, monaca and ang-butter.

The red bean latte is not too sweet, just the right amount of flavor. Meanwhile, the red bean tea has a light and clean aftertaste.

For those who are new to yanggaeng, yanggaeng is sweet red bean jelly. It is a Korean traditional snack that is full of nutrition and widely enjoyed by many Koreans. I really enjoy the sweet, smooth, and chewy texture of yanggaeng.

For desserts, do try out the Ang-Butter. Ang-Butter is a dessert where the combination of red bean paste and a block of butter is stuffed between the baked white bread.

I love how the yellow thick block of butter melted in my mouth. It is an absolute calorie bomb, but who cares when it tastes heavenly delicious!

Last but not least, it is my favorite dessert- monaca.

The monaca consists of vanilla ice cream filling that is sandwiched between two dry and crispy wafers. It tastes surprisingly good!

Final Thoughts

This place serves amazing red bean desserts! I highly recommend this place if you would love to try out some traditional oriental desserts. Believe me, you won’t be disappointed with the food and drinks here. The cafe provides a cozy space to have a meet-up with friends. You will find yourself enjoying a quiet and peaceful time here.

Operating Hours

From 10.00 a.m. to 9.30 p.m. every day (Last order by 9.00 p.m.)

How to get there?

Walk out from Euljiro-1(il)-ga Station (Line 2, Exit 1-1). JeokDang is just 3 minutes walking distance from the station.

Address: 29 Eulji-ro, Euljiro 1(il)-ga, Jung-gu, Seoul.


Hi! I am Kok Ke Ying. I'm an engineering student currently studying in Korea University. I enjoy travelling and writing. You can find me on Instagram at xuanzhen_99