Songdo Beach

Cable Car Songdo- A Spectacular View of Songdo Beach

Have you ever wanted to ride a cable car? Then I know the right place for you in Busan. Busan Air Cruise is a place where you can take a cable car over Songdo beach. You will be able to enjoy a magnificent view of Songdo beach from high up. It is definitely worth the money and thrill. Even if you are afraid of heights, I guarantee that you will have a great time in the Songdo cable car enjoying the amazing view of Songdo beach and the crystal clear water.

How to Get There

This place might be a little difficult to locate at first especially for foreigners. It is located near Songdo Beach. But if you find it complicated, you better search it up on Naver or Kakao maps. Once you have reached Songdo beach, you will get to see lines of cable cars going to and from. If you are unable to find the cable car entrance, just look for the place that the cable cars are returning to, then you will be able to find the entrance building. For more information, click here!

There used to be many people waiting in line to buy tickets, but after covid 19, there are not as many as before. At the entrance, you must scan your QR code and call the number written on the banner. And go straight to the kiosks to buy your tickets.

Type of Tickets

You can buy tickets at kiosks. There are a few types of tickets that you can choose from depending on what types of cable car you would like to ride. One of them is a cable car with a transparent floor. I recommend that you try this cable car as you will be able to experience a breathtaking view of the magnificent blue ocean. And obviously, this cable car is the reason why this place is so famous. It is a little bit on the pricier side but is definitely worth the price. But you can also choose a cable car without the transparent floor. 

How to Ride the Cable Car

With your ticket, go to the highest floor where you can take the cable car. On the floor, you will get to see a few lines where you should queue up so that the workers can check your tickets. After having your ticket checked, you have to wait for your turn to ride the cable car. Make sure that you are in the right one since they have different lines depending on the type of tickets. Once your turn has come, the worker will guide you to enter the cable car. Do not wait for the cable car to stop because it won’t stop completely. As it moves along the platform slowly, you should get on.

The Ride

As the cable car moves slowly over Songdo beach, you will be able to see the magnificent blue sea during the whole ride. If you choose the package with the transparent floor, you will get to see an even clearer view of the ocean right beneath the cable car. Inside the cable car, you are free to take pictures and chatter with your friends but it is dangerous if you move around too much. The cable car will head to the other side and riders get off there to explore the other side.

The Other Side

Once you have arrived at the other side, you are free to walk around before heading back. There are many food stalls selling Korean street foods, ice creams, fruit drinks and many more for you to devour. Also, you can find a place to eat food and relax. There is also a park nearby so you will be able to walk around and spend some quality time. Once you are done exploring the other side, you can take the cable car again to go back.

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