Busan Taejongdae Park – A Gateway To A Scenic Escape

Are you by any chance planning to visit Busan? Or perhaps you’re already there and wanting to go somewhere sight-seeing? Perhaps somewhere you can witness the beauty of nature at its glory.

Well! If you haven’t decided on how to spend the day then why don’t you head towards Busan’s Taejongdae Park.

Photo by: Majid Mushtaq (Instagram @ranamajid007)

What Is Taejongdae Park All About?

Taejongdae Park is an island surrounded with stunning natural scenery, almost like a place which boosts its magnificent seaside cliffs and landscapes to it’s beholder. It is often referred to as being a “resort” park but quite frankly, let me tell you that rather than it being a “resort”, it’s actually a natural park occupying the southern end of Yeongdo Island.

Photo by: Majid Mushtaq (Instagram @ranamajid007)

How To Visit The Taejongdae Resort Park?

By Subway: To get to Taejongdae, using Busan’s Nampo-Dong subway is the easiest route. All you need to do is get off at Nampo subway station on Line 1 and take exit 6. This will bring you to the bus stop where it’s up to you to take either bus 8, 30, 66, 88 or 186 to the last stop.

You can also en-route towards your journey to Taejongdae Park from Busan Station where you’ll need get off on Line 1 and head towards exit 9, from which you’ll have to hop on buses 66, 88 or 101

Photo by: Majid Mushtaq (Instagram @ranamajid007)

The Danubi Train

When was the last time you remember riding an adorable, cute and a colorful train? Maybe in your childhood days or perhaps on a visit to an amusement park. Well! To assist the visitors exploring the park, the tourist can opt to ride the “Danubi Circular Train” which is, I kid you not, an adorable, cute and a colorful train.

This train is like an hop-off hop-on train and can cost 3 000KRW (approx. S$3.50 / US$2.50) for adults.

Photo by: Majid Mushtaq (Instagram @ranamajid007)

Attractions To Look Out On The Taejongdae Park

Among the most famous attraction on the island some of them are

  • “Light Beyond Limitation” statue
  • Yeongdo Lighthouse
Photo by: Majid Mushtaq (Instagram @ranamajid007)

Yeongdo Lighthouse

The majestic and the infamous lighthouse at the park is known as “Yeongdo lighthouse”. To reach the lighthouse, you’ll have to walk down the walking trail. To be honest, it’s a bit of a walk… but don’t you worry! There are several benches around so you can stop and rest throughout your way till you arrive at your destination.

Photo by: Majid Mushtaq (Instagram @ranamajid007)

The “Light Beyond Limitation” statue

After your stop at Yeongdo lighthouse, you’ll find a stepped trail which will eventually lead towards the “Light beyond limitation” statue. This statue is made by the Korean artist named Ji Sul Won Kyung-Lee. The silver point symbolizes the light casting out from the lighthouse whereas the blue ring symbolizes the ocean and sky and red symbolizes the planet Earth.

Photo by: Majid Mushtaq (Instagram @ranamajid007)

Things To Do And Places To Visit At The Taejongdae Park

I’ve summarized things to do and places to visit in points to help you make your To-Do list easily, so let’s get started:

  1. Try having local raw seafood dishes for lunch,they are more like raw sea cucumbers and sea pineapples, called meongge in Korean language. If you’re not particularly fond of seafood then you can try out jajangmyeon.
  2. Enjoy sceneric view of coastal bluff, pebble beach and Busan city from a distance.
  3. Visit the serene forest temple known as Taejongsa Temple and as well as the Taejongsa temple which is a five-minute walk from the train stop.
  4. You can also visit the Korean War Memorial along the way.

Check out:

Meongge Jajangmyeon Taejongsa temple

Let us know what do you think about this beauty? Don’t forget to leave your comments if you are also planning to go there

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