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Bukchon e Gamyeon: Coffee amongst the hydrangeas

It is no secret that flower cafes are a huge trend here in South Korea. But wouldn’t you love to drink your favourite coffee in an actual garden of vibrant flowers? Well, at Bukchon e Gamyeon in Jeju, you can! Bukchon e Gamyeon, or “going to Bukchon”, is a cafe surrounded by a huge garden of hydrangeas. From late spring through summer, the flowers are in full bloom and the cafe is like a paradise. It is no wonder that this place is a favourite amongst tourists wanting to take that perfect Instagrammable photo.

Bukchon e Gamyeon Cafe Review

I took a trip to Jeju in early summer, the ideal time to see both hydrangeas and roses at Bukchon e Gamyeon. Before I arrived to Jeju, I had already planned to visit this cafe, having seen many posts of the beautiful garden on Instagram.

First Impressions

When we arrived to the cafe, we were immediately greeted by friendly staff. You must order your beverages at the gate before entering; the cafe does this to prevent people coming just to take photos without buying anything. After we ordered, the staff ushered us to the first — of many — photo zone. A path lined with cosmos and hydrangeas lead us to a large white frame with a backdrop of pink and purple flowers. We couldn’t resist taking dozens of photos at this one spot alone!

The Hydrangea Garden

Walking into the main section of the garden, of course we were welcomed by more hydrangeas. Hydrangeas typically come in shades of pink, purple and blue, and Bukchon e gamyeon did not disappoint. There were several different varieties of flowers, many of which I hadn’t seen before. We spent over an hour just taking photos in the garden. Unfortunately, as it was summer, there were only a few red roses left (the peak season for roses is late spring.) Nonetheless, if you go in summer, there will be plenty of hydrangeas to see!

Finally — after all the photos — we sat inside and enjoyed our drinks. The staff do not prepare the drink until you come to the counter with your receipt, so you can take as much time as you like in the garden and your drink can be made fresh whenever you like. What’s more, the inside of the cafe had a lovely atmosphere: clean, relaxing and great for getting out of the hot sun. My friends and I sat on the veranda looking out over the whole garden.

The entire experience was wonderful — it’s hard not to love flowers. Jeju Island is known for being a healing travel destination and there’s nothing more healing than being surrounded by flowers in the sunshine. I’d love to visit again when the roses are in bloom too.

Final Thoughts

People visit this cafe to see the flowers. As for the coffee, it is no different to any other cafe. The actual site itself is not that large, but the vast array of flowers makes it feel so much bigger. There are several photo zones around the cafe so you are sure to get plenty of great photos. The cafe interior also has a pleasant vibe, you can drink inside to escape the heat, or enjoy fresh air on the veranda with view of the flowers below. Furthermore, the cafe is popular during autmun when it is surrounded by pink muhly grass.

Bukchon-e Gamyeon Café Menu

Coffee               Hot            Ice
Americano            5,500 won      6,000 won
Café Latte           6,500 won      7,000 won
Cappuccino           6,500 won      7,000 won
Vanilla Latte        7,000 won      7,000 won
Hazelnut Latte       7,000 won      7,000 won
Caramel Macchiato    7,000 won      7,500 won
Café Mocha           7,000 won      7,500 won
Affogato             7,000 won      -
Beverage and Tea     Hot            Ice
Choco Latte          6,500 won      7,500 won
Green Tea Latte      7,000 won      7,500 won
Lemon Tangerine Tea  7,000 won      8,000 won
Passion Fruit Tea    7,000 won      8,000 won
Herbal Tea (Tea Bag) 5,500 won      6,000 won
Passion Fruit Ade    -              8,000 won
Lemon Tangerine Ade  -              8,000 won
Strawberry Latte     -              8,000 won 

Location & Getting There

Address: 6 Bukchon 5-gil, Jocheon-eup, Jeju-si, Jeju-do
Operating Hours: 10:00am - 6:00pm everyday

Getting There

Via Bus: from Jeju International Airport take bus no. 101 to Hamdeok Hwaseung stop. Here, transfer to bus no. 201 and alight at Bukchon-ri stop. Bukchon e Gamyeon is about 7 minutes walk from here.

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