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BTS V Birthday in Seoul – Billboards To Make You Go Wow

The Korean BTS band has quickly gained attention around the world. One of the younger members of this band is Kim Taehyung, knows as V, who is an important vocalist in the band. BTS’ V celebrates his birthday on December 30th and just last year, he turned 25. Due to the ongoing pandemic, he had announced that he didn’t have any plans to celebrate his birthday. Still, fans from all over the world have wished him a birthday in a unique way.

Source: Majid Mushtaq (www.instagram.com/ranamajid007)

Kim Taehyung became the first even Korean celebrity to have a birthday billboard ad at Burj-Khalifa, the tallest building in the world. Fans put up a light show with his name and a photo at the building while chanting “Winter Bear”.

Just like V’s birthday celebrations in Dubai, Seoul, the capital city of South Korea, also had various LED Billboards and Birthday posters of Kim Taehyung. In this article, I will show you how the fans celebrated BTS V’s Birthday in Seoul, South Korea.

Source: Majid Mushtaq (www.instagram.com/ranamajid007)

BTS V Birthday project at City Hall

Due to the pandemic, there weren’t as many projects this year as compared to last year. still, fans were left wowed at the Happy Birthday BTS V sign at the Seoul City Hall. The giant letters were illuminated in the purple color and were the center of attention for every pedestrian walking by.

I was lucky enough that I got some pretty good photos. I went to see this sign on a super cold day and fortunately not many people were there.

But yes, I did see a cute little puppy wearing a purple dress, doing a photo shoot in front of the sign 🙂

Watch the video below to have a look on the BTS V birthday project displayed at City Hall.

Giant LED at Sinchon

The area of Sinchon & Ewha Woman’s University is one of the most popular shopping districts in Seoul for youngsters. There are stores, cafés, restaurants and entertainment venues along the streets. This area serves as the hub of busking activities. Therefore, fans displayed a giant LED in front of the U-Plex store.

Source: Majid Mushtaq (www.instagram.com/ranamajid007)

The giant birthday LED beautifully showed V as an angel and it was written: “태어나 주셔서 감사합니다” which means Thank you for coming into this world.

Source: Majid Mushtaq (www.instagram.com/ranamajid007)

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BTS V Birthday LED Billboards at COEX Mall

COEX Mall is considered to be the biggest underground shopping center in Asia with five-star hotels, including Intercontinental Hotel, Park Hyatt Hotel, and Oakwood Resort. This area has some of the top attractions in Seoul like Starfield Library, Gangnam Style Statue, and that’s is why it is always among the top must-visit places in Korea.

Since the area attracts thousands of people every day, there are tons of giants LED Billboards that get the eyeballs right away.

Source: Majid Mushtaq (www.instagram.com/ranamajid007)

Fans displayed Happy Birthday BTS V projects on these LEDs and for a second, the whole area turned into some V-themed mall. Wherever you see, there were LEDs of Kim Taehyung. This place was among the best V-birthday projects by the BTS Army.

Source: Majid Mushtaq (www.instagram.com/ranamajid007)

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Incheon International Airport

You’re minding your own business going towards your hotel after landing at Incheon airport when you see Kim Taehyug’s face in high definition on a giant electronic billboard. If it were your first time in Korea, you’d be shocked to see V’s billboards everywhere but it is very easy to find these kind of LED projects throughout the Seoul subway stations.

Source: Majid Mushtaq (www.instagram.com/ranamajid007)

Since Incheon Airport is the first place foreigners would land in Korea, Chinese fans paid for this project and displayed big LED screens wishing BTS V a happy birthday.

Hongdae and Gangnam

Both Hongdae and Gangnam are among the hot spots for Kpop fans. And on the occasion of Kim Taehyung’s birthday, there were LED Billboards everywhere inside the subway stations. No two projects were the same. For example, some of the LED projects were still images while others were videos. Some of them were analog and some of them were digital.

Source: Majid Mushtaq (www.instagram.com/ranamajid007)

Even though the birthday ads display for a few seconds, but you could find them on almost every single billboard that you will see in these subway stations.

Source: Majid Mushtaq (www.instagram.com/ranamajid007)

BTS fans all around the world have raised funds to have these “Happy Birthday” billboards, as they normally do for BTS stars. Apart from these billboards, fans also raised funds all over the world and participate in donation charity drives.

Source: Majid Mushtaq (www.instagram.com/ranamajid007)

Even though the pandemic didn’t let the fans to take part in various activities on Kim Taehyung’s birthday, yet following all the social distancing guidelines, they were able to express their love for V (Baby Bear) with great pomp and show. And, we also wish him the happiest birthday. May the coming years be brighter for the BTS and their ARMY.

Let us know which one of these projects was your favorite one? And do leave a comment telling us how did you celebrate V’s birthday in your country.

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