BTS Lyrics: Learning to Love Yourself

Today, I want to acknowledge the darker side of our personalities that contributes to a negative self-image. We all have things we don’t like about ourselves. However, learning to love yourself means embracing your faults. As with many ARMY, the journey toward loving myself drew inspiration from BTS’s heartfelt lyrics. These are the words that inspired me to love myself.

Blue & Grey: To Love Yourself, You Need to Lose Yourself

Is it okay to get scolded at, even if it’s not my fault? It’s okay to feel lonely, even when I’m surrounded by people? Is it ok to listen to my heart, even when nothing feels right? Inside, I’m not okay. I’m not happy. I want to cry and I want to scream. I want to say what I feel but..but I fear. If I express myself, I’ll be scolded again for being nothing but myself. It hurts those I’m closest to. Is it okay to work hard, and still not get appreciated? Is it okay to pretend to be happy, but be sad?
I am not afraid of what’s coming my way, I’m ready to embrace changes. I’m ready for a new me, that is free to express my identity.

– Blue & Grey Pt.2

Emotional Turmoil and the Journey to Love Yourself

Many find relatability in the lyrics of Blue and Grey Pt.2. This song signifies the emotional turmoil that often precedes self-love.

The process of self-discovery starts with being unaware of your own faults. Then, the transition to hating oneself when faced with their own negative traits. Finally, it is only when you accept the negative parts of yourself that you can love yourself. In short, a positive perception of self-worth comes with a long-awaited rollercoaster ride of emotional turmoil.

While going through the process is difficult, there is always light at the end of the tunnel. This roller coaster of emotions is essential for our survival and adds meaning to our lives. The emotional turmoils of self-hate and self-love are something that unites us all as humans.

It is a natural part of growing up. However, in modern society expressing negative feelings has become a matter of self-embarrassment and shame rather than a step in the journey towards self-acceptance.

There will always be aspects of ourselves that others find unacceptable or shameful. However, keeping parts of ourselves in the darkness, hidden under a disguise will only be harmful to us in the long run. The darkness that we see and feel every moment, represents a dying identity.

It is always better to embrace your darkness, care for it, and love it. It is only then that you can truly be happy.

You know your tears and dedication, even if no one knows it. Be the person who leads you, not the one who breaks you.

– RM Bon Voyage Season 3

Jamais Vu: Cherishing Happiness

While the concept of Déjà vu deals with the experience of already experiencing something; ‘Jamais Vu’ stands in complete contrast. Jamais Vu is the experience of being unfamiliar with a situation that is actually very familiar.

There is a whole range of emotions we regularly feel, but struggle to express. In particular, one line from this song touched me deeply.

Please save me, please give me another chance, please give me a remedy!

Jamais Vu

We’re all struggling to find our identities in the crowd that is humanity. Can someone listen to me and help me find love myself without bias. Self-love remedies are often the opinionated embodiment of the world we wish to escape. Will I be able to save myself if I’m given another chance? If I embrace myself, can I survive in this world?

You may have found yourself hardening to life as time has passed. It’s easy to become the sum of our negative experiences and to forget who we truly are. Our inner self is exposed to so many external expectations that it’s hard to maintain our true identity.

Conclusion: Pause and Love Yourself

Sometimes I wonder if my existence is important. Will the darkness that envelopes me ever fade away to make space for some light? No matter how much I try to be happy, I feel a strong void of emptiness inside myself.

I just wanna be happier, am I asking for too much?


I never felt a line describing me so accurately. And, this isn’t just for me, I know many of you out there feel the same way. Just seeking happiness is the most difficult thing that one can do in life.

So, while we try to find happiness, let’s remind ourselves of the process of self-love. Happiness today means that you gave up our happiness yesterday; preparing for happiness tomorrow, we are giving up our happiness today.

Take time to rest your soul from the turbulence of self-love and just be. Take time to appreciate everyone around you and most importantly appreciate yourself. However, remember that it’s okay if appreciation is not always shown in return. Not every action requires external validation as long as it makes your inner self happy.

Pause, take time… Proceed!

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