BTS Popup Showcase Seoul-Christmas Edition: Spectacular Holiday Treat

It’s the most wonderful time of year for fans as the new BTS Popup Showcase Seoul Christmas Edition brings forward a fun holiday refresh.

For BTS fans, the deluxe Christmas edition is another treat to enjoy as the band drops their latest album release. At the same time, the epic pop-up store houses an array of holiday décor, alongside the most adorable cartoon replicas of idols.

Whether you’re on the search for some stellar merchandise or craving picture-perfect memories, this is the place to be. Did we mention the coolest selfies alongside your bias’s stunningly crafted Tiny Tan figurines?

In the same way, this destination is viewed as a gift by Big Hit Entertainment for the most loyal BTS lovers. All in all, it’s a dream come true for fans across the board.

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Source: Majid Mushtaq

Arriving in style- BTS Popup Showcase Seoul Christmas Edition

It’s no surprise to find travelers from all over the country as well as the world to come and visit. However, let’s not forget how difficult it is to get your hands over online tickets which sell out in minutes.

Meanwhile, if you plan on making your highly anticipated visit, you’ll need to head towards a back alley, situated in the Gangnam District.

Yes, the famous Gangnam area that’s present in the south of Seoul, bustling with commercial and entertainment. Also, you’ll need to come with a lot of patience. And that’s because you’ll find hundreds of fans cued up before the store’s 10 am opening time.

With the month of December in full swing, don’t forget to deck up with extra layers of clothing as the winter chill is unforgiving. Also, the BTS Popup Showcase Seoul- Christmas edition is a limited sightseeing opportunity. Unfortunately, the store will close its doors on January 5th so what are you waiting for?

In the same way, we’ve jotted down the mega store’s address for your convenience below:

Shop till you drop- holiday merchandise awaits BTS ARMY

Before entering, fans need to wait for about an hour in the open air. However, the wait is worth your while. After that, you gain entry into a giant 4-story facility. Upon entrance, each visitor gets a small wrapped gift. It’s a beautiful souvenir, similar to a note of appreciation for visiting the entertainment venue.

Meanwhile, the first thing you notice is how everything is pink. Yes, the pink theme goes side by side with the pop group’s album, Map of the Soul: Persona.”

Decorated in BTS themed fever and plenty of festive touches, your first glance of the store is mesmerizing. Furthermore, the melodious sounds of the pop band’s most loved tracks fill the air.

As you make your way towards the store’s basement floor, it’s BTS shopping dreams come true. We kid you not when we say that it’s easy to lose track of how much you spend due to excitement.

Besides, the merchandise is just too adorable and cool to miss out upon. To help give you an idea of what’s on offer, here’s a brief summary. And as you can probably see by the pictures, you can’t stop yourself from making a purchase. Certainly, with Christmas time just around the corner, it’s the perfect gift for loved ones.

Source: Majid Mushtaq

From mugs, candles, and badges to water bottles and stationery, there’s no limit to the striking merchandise on offer. Overall, there are more than 200 different options relating to the BTS theme for fans to choose from. And if you ask us, we wish we could buy it all.

Source: Majid Mushtaq

Posing away with holiday displays- BTS Pop Up Showcase Seoul

The BTS Pop Up Store Seoul- Christmas edition is decked up with plenty of festivities on the second and third floor too. For this reason, it’s a surreal experience to walk towards signature scenes from some of their famous videos.

Besides, the floors house numerous dreamy picture spots for fans to splurge upon. And that’s why you’ll find visitors clicking away for countless selfies and fabulous portraits.

Meanwhile, since the store is exclusively in tune with the Christmas season, you’ll find adorable details such as wreaths, candles, holiday messages, snowflakes, and a snowman too.

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Festive themed Tiny Tan Idols- a heartwarming winter touch

In short, if we had to pick one picture-perfect spot for clicks, the colorful and cute Tiny Tan would win hands down. In the same way, the fantasy statues give visitors the chance to pose away shamelessly with their bias by their side. Did we mention their fantastic ‘mic drop’ outfits too?

Additionally, the store has all 7 members on display, each intricately crafted for viewers to enjoy. In short, who’s your favorite BTS band member? It’s a tough decision we believe. Certainly, most fans’ hearts can’t just pick one.

Above all, the store made extra efforts to dress up the statues with plenty of joyful feels. For this reason, one look is all it takes to fall in love with the merry vibes and alluring details. Also, don’t forget to stop by for a cup of coffee and refreshments, after your worthwhile experience.

In conclusion, the BTS Pop Up Store Seoul- Christmas Edition is answering fans’ prayers during the most wonderful time of the year. From the cute displays to the festive merchandise, what better way to celebrate the holiday season than this?

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