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BTS Jimin’s Dad’s Cafe: MAGNATE

If you’re a member of the BTS ARMY, then you’ll know that member Jimin, is originally from Busan. During my last trip to Busan, I had the opportunity to visit the cafe owned by Jimin’s dad, MAGNATE. Whether you’re an ARMY or not, MAGNATE is a cool cafe that is worth a visit.


MAGNATE, owned by BTS Jimin’s dad, opened in 2019, still unbeknownst to many fans. What’s more, Otsu Seiromushi, the restaurant co-owned by BTS Jin and his brother, is convenient for most, as it is in Seoul.

Nonetheless, if you live in Busan or are taking a trip there, MAGNATE should easily fit into your list. Busan is very easy to navigate and MAGNATE is close by to other destinations that may be on your itinerary.

Sleek and Stylish

Although MAGNATE is a cafe, the designers opted for a sleek, hotel bar theme. As you walk inside, out of Busan’s fresh sea air, the entire atmosphere changes. Regardless of the time of your visit, its like walking into a luxury club after hours. What’s more, the cafe is huge. Especially in comparison with what you might find in Seoul.

Standard Menu

Despite the luxury interior, complete with ornate chandelier, the menu prices are standard for an independent cafe. The drinks cost an average of 6,000 won, and a slice of cake will cost you 7,500 won. The quality and range of the menu is also not dissimilar to other cafes.

Hidden Gems

The cafe is full of intricate decor, but in the large space, it doesn’t look cluttered. Therefore, its a great place just to come and relax. One thing that passed me by was the exhibition space filled with caps and other miscellaneous items. Only, they weren’t random objects, my friend — who is an ARMY — recognised a cap that had been worn by Jimin.

I noticed the old trinkets that were dotted around the cafe, as well as art of multiple genres. Against the cool, clean backdrop of the cafe, you can find rusted shelves and other items that will peak your interest.

Final Thoughts

As you may have guessed, I don’t know much about BTS, but I still enjoyed my visit to the cafe. Furthermore, my friend who loves BTS most certainly enjoyed her visit too. BTS Jimin’s Dad’s cafe MAGNATE is more than just a cafe, but a museum of interesting items too.

Location & Getting There

Address: B-dong, 135 Jinnam-ro, Nam-gu, Busan
Operating Hours: 10:00am - 10:00pm everyday
Directions: Take bus no. 10, 101, 138, Namgu10 or Namgu9 to Yeonpo Elementary School stop. Walk up the road on the right hand-side of the pharmacy, opposite Lotte Castle apartment complex, and MAGNATE is on the left. 

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