Biking at the Han river

If you are interested in biking along the Han River Yeouido Park is a best option for you. The bike rental services in the park provides different bikes. The rates are similar to what you will find at any of the Han River Parks. Since it is summer season with nice weather, the best thing to do is having picnic or biking at Han River. The weather in June has been perfect for outdoor activity and taking some pictures for Instagram.

It’s possible to walk long kilometer route around Yeouido and across the river, but it’s more comfortable and more exciting to use a bicycle, which you can rent at several outlets in Yeouido Hangang Park. In this post I will share with my experience bicycle renting from 마포자전거대여점.

How to find

Walk west from the subway 여의나루 Yeouinaru station (Seoul Subway Line 5), from the exit number 2  towards the Mapo Bridge in Yeouido Hangang Park. There you can find a bicycle rental stall (first hour 3000KRW, for two hours 5000KRW every extra 15 minutes 500KRW; open 9am to 5pm).

Moreover there are several bus stations that are close to this rental service office.

Get off at 여의도공원 bus stop: 261,461,753, 5534, 5633, 5713, 6623,7007-1

Get off at 국회의사당 Bus Stop: 153,271B, 5615, 5618, 7613, 8761

Rental charge

There several types of bikes and depending on type price is different.

For single bike  the first hour is 3000KRW, for tandem bikes it is 5000KRW and for advanced bikes it is also 5000KRW. You can pay the rent money at the 자전거대여점.You will some form of ID document for them to keep as a deposit.

Useful Tips

Do not forget to wear a helmet for safety and helmets are free.

You can cycle west and out of the park across the Mapo Bridge, taking the blue ramp down to the north bank of the river.There are wonderful views to the river from the park as well as from the bridge. After you can continue from the bridge back to the east part of the Han River.

After biking you can order some chicken or pizza from the app on your phone and enjoy having picnic at the Yeouido Park . Moreover there are several convenient stores around the subway station Yeouinaru where you can buy famous Hangang ramen.

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