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BigHit Entertainment Old Building- Paving Way To BTS’s Success

Without a doubt, BTS is a name unknown to none. The megastar pop band has sold over a million records with countless hits. Above all, their fans aren’t solely restricted to Korea. It’s a global affair and there seems to be no end. But did you know that the Kpop sensation started off with humble beginnings? Just in case you didn’t, it all began at the BigHit Entertainment Old Building.

Yes, this is where blood, sweat, and tears combined to produce a pop sensation group called BTS. At the same time, it wasn’t uncommon to see the band members entering and exiting this giant complex. And for that reason, this destination became the talk of the town.

Source: Majid Mushtaq Instagram: ranamajid007

Fans waited outside for hours, just so they could get a glimpse of their favorite stars. Whether it was the freezing cold or the extreme heat, it made no difference. Above all, you’d see security lining up to tame screaming crowds. All in all, the situation did get out of control on plenty of occasions. But with a Kpop group with limitless talent and worldwide fame, it’s not something out of the norm.

Although the Korean entertainment company moved to a bigger and better location, this place still remains close to many people’s hearts. For these reasons and more, the Bighit Entertainment Old Building is an iconic landmark. And till today, hardcore BTS fans dream of a visit.

Finding the location- the struggle is real

While the address might seem pretty straightforward, it’s not the case here. At the same time, you’ve probably heard about how finding the BigHit Entertainment Building is almost impossible. And trust them when they say, it’s a struggle in its self.

Situated in the Gangnam district of Seoul, it’s a pretty tedious journey. There are uneven roads  and that makes the journey tougher but truly worthwhile. And for the ladies out there, please avoid heels at all costs!

Source: Majid Mushtaq Instagram: ranamajid007

Moving on, Google map may only help to a certain extent. And after that, you’re kind of on your own. Thankfully,  I was guided by a sweet local pedestrian. However, there were some locals who had no clue about whether or not the building exists in the first place.

While that may seem demotivating at first, it’s good to follow your heart sometimes. And that’s exactly what I did. And after a tiring journey, a glimpse of the iconic location makes it all worthwhile.

Source: Majid Mushtaq Instagram: ranamajid007

Arriving at your destination- BigHit Entertainment Old Building

You can start off your journey by heading towards Sinsa Station. This is Line 3 and it’s the nearest Subway Station towards our desired destination. From here, go out on Exit 1.

Source: Majid Mushtaq Instagram: ranamajid007

Now, simply move on straight, after getting out. After arriving at the 3rd road, make a turn towards the left. Here, you’ll find the road is quite uphill. Hence, it’s the ultimate form of cardio exercise. Keep on moving straight.

Address: Gangnam-gu, 10-31, Nonhyendong, 2F Cheonggu Building, Seoul, South Korea

Getting here

Once you find the 3rd street again, turn towards the right. Just a few more steps and you’ll surely see the mega BigHit Entertainment Old Building.

The love for BTS by ARMY fans is real

When you reach the building, you’ll immediately get taken aback for obvious reasons. The building is bombarded or should I say vandalized. For instance, there are thousands of fans’ who left their mark on the building’s walls. But that’s not all.

The giant blue colored windows have a lot of fans’ messages and marks too. ARMYs wrote names with their favorite BTS’ members names too. Other than that, some chose to leave a mark by mentioning their country’s names.

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As mentioned previously, BTS fans arise from all around the globe. You could see fans’ from China, India, USA, UK, Malaysia, and of course Korea too. The list is totally endless. But some of the doodling and scribbling went too far. There wasn’t an inch of free space left and it definitely didn’t give out a good impression. After all, it’s such an iconic building and public property deserves respect.

Exploring BTS’ Second Home- BigHit Entertainment Old Building

Believe it or not, this location was actually like a second home for the KPop idols. While each member belongs to a separate city, they all united as one for recording, performances, and practices.

The first look of the building is rather fascinating. You’ll see brownish stoned tiles with striking blue windows. Minus all the scribbles, it’s truly a piece on its own. Inside, there’s the famous BigHit entertainment studio. And that’s where these boys created magic.

Here is where they made plenty of memories as trainees, who wanted to make it big in the KPop world. Moreover, they worked a day in and day out to nail steps, lyrics, and vocals. And in the end, hard work never goes to waste. Today, the band is amongst the most successful artists in the world.

Whether you’re a BTS fan or an adventurer in search of discovering Seoul, one visit to this iconic place is a must. It’s almost like being a part of history and you’ll truly cherish it for years.
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