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Best Things to Do in Seoul as a Solo Traveler

Have you ever thought of traveling to Korea by your own? There are a lot of perks of traveling to Korea with other people especially when you are traveling with fellow Hallyu fans. But if you want to try traveling alone, Seoul is a good place to do it. I detailed the reasons here. If you have made up your mind, here is a list of some of the best things to do in Seoul as a solo traveler based on my personal experience.

Try Different Korean Food

Going to a new place with just by yourself means that you can have a taste of all the food that you want to try without the need to consider other people. If you want to try spicy authentic Korean spicy foods, then the only person that you would care about is yourself. But if you don’t want spicy dishes then you can also try the non-spicy foods that you can eat in Korea. Also, make sure to check out the streetfood stalls that you can find in the city just like the one in Myeondgong.

Enjoy a Sip of Coffee at Instagram-worthy Café

Traveling solo in Seoul means more ‘me time’ where you can just sit, relax and enjoy a sip of your favorite coffee. There are a lot of Instragrammable café in the city where you can enjoy your time. Read more about it here.

Visit Historical Places

Visiting Seoul is not complete without visiting the historical places in the city. Despite the modernization and industrialization in the country, some of the historical places are still preserved up to this day through restoration projects. You can take wonderful pictures in those places using a tripod or by asking other people to take photos of you. Based on experience, the locals and foreign tourists would be glad to help you in taking good pictures. By doing so, you can keep souvenir pictures from your solo travel.

Reward Yourself with a Shopping Spree

To expereince solo traveling min another country is a reward in itself but of course, you can still upgrade it by rewarding yourself with a shopping spree. In Seoul, you can shop for all sorts of stuff from clothes to cosmetics, Kpop goods, souvenirs, and many more. Furthermore, there are a lot of indoor and outdoor shopping places in the city where you can shop at your heart’s contents. But if you want a unique shopping experiece, try to visit outdoor shopping areas and traditional markets.

Visit Key Hallyu Attractions

Aside from visiting historical places in Seoul, you should also make sure to visit the key Hallyu attractions in the city if you are a fan of Hallyu or the Korean Wave. As a solo traveler, you can have a more flexible itinerary and you don’t have to consult other people.

For sample Hallyu-themed itineraries in Seoul, you may refer to the following:

Watch Movies or Musicals

In addition, you can also try to watch movies or musicals in theaters. As for the musicals, watching musicals in Korea is a great experience especially if you are looking forward to watch a certain production or specific actors. But of course, if you will watch a Korean movie or musical production, do not expect it to have English subtitles. Know more about its cost and other details here.

Attend Events and Concerts

Have you ever experienced attending an event or concert by yourself? If not yet, why not try it while you are in Seoul? There are a lot of concerts being held in the city and some of it are free. Learn more about it here.

Relax at Korean Traditional Bathhouse

And lastly, make sure to have a relaxing experience in a Korean traditional bathhouse or jjimjilbang. There are several jjimjilbang in the city where you can also spend a night. It is such a good way to cap off your solo travel in Seoul.

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